Let’s Fix Up The Front Of Your House


Let’s Fix Up The Front Of Your House


Busy DIYers always tend to focus on the inside of the home. The gardeners fuss about in the back garden. Yet we’re all guilty of neglecting the front of the house. The paintwork can begin to peel away and the door gets weathered and distressed. The paving quickly gets dirty or even cracked while the front lawn is left unattended. If this sounds like your house, it’s time to make a change. Did you know that potential buyers decide whether to buy your home within eight seconds? If you’re thinking of selling, you need to consider fixing up the front aspect. Even if you’re not selling, you want the prettiest house on the street, right? We thought so; let’s get to work!

Paint and rendering

This is the first job on your list and the most important. Over time, the paintwork and rendering at the front of your home will degrade. Weathering plays an important part here. A lick of paint will breath new life into your property. It’s worth seeking out machine plastering and rendering services in order to get the best results. Over time, you don’t realise how much dirt builds up. A new paint job and render will deliver excellent results.

Front door

The front door is the centrepiece of your front aspect. It should provide the focal point and stand out from the home. Again, you’ll be surprised at what a simple lick of paint will do! Start by freshening things up with a new coat. Then tend to the door fixtures and fittings. Replace old letterboxes, door handles and numbers with new, shiny, brass features. You may need to consult a locksmith to get these in place correctly.

The windows

We’re all guilty of letting the windows degrade. This is particularly true if you’re the owner of an older property. Any wooden frames will rot over time, and the paint will peel away. If possible, it’s time to upgrade these to double or triple glazing alternatives. You’ll improve the insulation and energy retention inside your home. You’ll also tighten up the appearance from the front. We also suggest giving them a good, soapy wash.

The lawn

Just like the back garden, tidying up the front lawn is easy if you stay on top of it. Mowing it twice monthly will help keep it looking trim and tidy. Dig out any weeds and get right down to the roots to remove them for good! Use a trimmer to keep the edges perfectly neat too. Finally, finish it with a border of flower beds for a decorative touch.


The path or driveway leading to your home is your final challenge. After all this hard work, don’t allow this to let you down! First of all, replace any cracked slabs and pull up any weeds that have infiltrated the edges. If you’re looking for a bargain option, simply pour concrete over the entire area and finish with a design.

With a little care and attention, you’ll create a stunning front aspect. Now who’s got the prettiest house on the street?

Image Source: https://flic.kr/p/nMv9Px


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