How to Combine Practicality and Style in Your Bedroom


How to Combine Practicality and Style in Your Bedroom


Is it about time you gave your bedroom a new look? Well, before you start making plans, read on to find out how to successfully combine style and practicality in your bedroom!

Create a Light and Airy Atmosphere

No bedroom style is complete if the room hasn’t achieved a light and airy atmosphere. There’s nothing worse than a dark and dull bedroom, so if yours isn’t getting enough light, it’s time to make a few changes. How you go about doing this will depend on a number of factors.

Firstly, you need to think about the amount of natural light you’re letting into the room through the windows. You should let in as much as possible or the room will appear too dark. Try using blinds or shutters instead of curtains to give you greater control over how much natural light you’re letting in. If things are still too dark, add plenty of lights and get creative with your light fixtures.

Upgrade Your Mattress

Comfort should be a key component for any bedroom. And no bed is comfortable without a great mattress. But most people don’t upgrade their mattress nearly as often as they should do. It’s not just about comfort either, your mattress supports your body and spine while you sleep can affect your health.

There are plenty of great mattress retailers for you to choose from. John Ryan by Design mattresses are among the best in hybrid foam and latex mattresses, so you should check out what they sell. But make sure you test out the mattress before you buy and do as much research as possible. It’s a big decision!

Don’t Crowd the Room with Electricals

If you ask me, the bedroom should be a retreat, somewhere you can go after a long day and simply relax. But, nowadays, we’re all guilty of filling our homes with lots of electricals. Most of us have a television and maybe even a games console and DVD player in our bedroom too.

It can be hard to relax with all those distractions surrounding us. The rest of the house has televisions and all the other electricals and gadgets you need, so do you really need them in your bedroom too? Clearing your bedroom of these items can make the space more relaxed, and it’ll become a more of a retreat for you.

Position Your Bed Strategically

Let’s face it, the best thing about your bedroom is the bed, especially if you’ve just upgraded your mattress! That’s why it’s so important to make your bed the focal point of the room and position it strategically. No matter how big or small your bedroom is, your bed needs to take prominence.

The size and shape of your room will impact upon what bed you use and where you choose to put it though. If the room is rounded, it can look better if your bed takes on the same shape. And if your bedroom is small and compact, you should try a number of positions for the bed until you find the one that offers you the most space and access.


Be Clever with Your Storage

Storage is one of the most important practical concerns you have to take into consideration when designing a bedroom layout. There are plenty of solutions you might not have thought about though. Your bed should become a storage hub, as strange as that might sound to you. Use the space offered to you underneath cleverly and you’ll save a lot of space in the rest of the room.

You could also add a wall feature that is stylish and offer storage opportunities. You can get something that has plenty of gaps in it so that you can fill them up with loose books and other miscellaneous items you have lying around.

Keep the Walls Simple and Add Art

Your walls need a clear design. You could go for wallpaper, but this can often be more difficult to get right. You need to match the wallpaper to your decor and the rest of the room. I’d recommend paint rather than wallpaper, especially if the room is small. You still need to make sure the colour fits the room, but it’s much easier to get right.

It’s never a good idea to clutter the walls too much. Walls packed full of personal photographs never give a great impression. Personal photos are much better kept on the bedside table if you want to focus on style. Add some pieces of art that compliment the style of the room and that’s all you’ll need.

Dedicate Space to Something You Love

Your room shouldn’t be too functional. It should be somewhere you enjoy being and spending time. I’d always recommend dedicating some space in the room to something you love doing. This doesn’t have to mean turning the room into a showcase for your model train set though.

But at least part of the room should reflect your personality and give you the space to indulge in a hobby of some kind. For example, if you spend a lot of your time reading, make sure there’s a bookcase in the room as well as a comfortable chair so that you have somewhere to sit and read.

Stick to an Overall Theme

A theme might sound intimidating and off-putting, but I probably don’t mean what you think. A theme can be as simple as keeping things minimalist of going for a black and white colour theme. But whatever type of theme you pick, you should make sure you stick to it and don’t mix and match different styles and ideas too much.

Once you have a great basic premise for the room, you should build from there and stick to the original idea you came up with. If the idea is good enough, it should be able to sustain until the room is complete.


Your bedroom isn’t complete until you’ve successfully combined practicality, style and comfort. So, follow these tips today and you’ll get your dream bedroom!

Blog Uploaded: 15th May 2015


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