How to grow Chard


How to grow Chard


Chard is also known as Swiss chard or silver beet, and is a truly nutritious vegetable. Chard leaves contain antioxidants and anti-cancer chemicals in abundance.

Step One

Select chard seeds or seedlings. Chard comes in a number of colors, from green to bright pink, white, red, or orange. Select the ones that you'd like to grow and that are suitable for your area.

Step Two

Choose a garden position. Chard does well in an open and sunny position. The soil should be fertile and moist but well-draining. Add a little well-rotted manure into the tilled soil.

Step Three

Sow according to when you'd like a crop. In a non-harsh winter environment, chard can be grown all year round. Sow late in summer for a spring crop. The seedlings will need to be protected through winter; if you have snow, don't grow it at this time. Sow late spring for a late summer into autumn crop.

Step Four

Sow seeds in a seed tray and plant out when ready. They need to be strong enough for planting.

Step Five

Thin out the seedlings. The seedlings need to be at least 10cm (4") apart for a crop destined to be harvested only for young leaves; for plants intended to be grown to full size, thin out to 30cm (12") apart. Keep rows about 45cm (18") apart.

Step Six

Mulch the soil to keep it moist. Keep the soil moist when it's dry. Add a little more compost now and then to improve the nutrients reaching the chard.

Step Seven

Weed regularly. Weed by hand or hoe to remove weeds.

Step Eight

Harvest. Cut the outer leaves off but not all the way down the stem; there should be new leaves produced for several months. After cutting off the leaves (young or full-grown), use them quickly because they soon wilt.


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