How to make a kids herb garden


Herbs are fun to grow and your kids will love having their own garden to tend to. Herbs are easy to grow from seed, requiring little patience as some herbs, like cress and rocket, should start to sprout in as little as two days!

Step One

What you need: pots, troughs, window boxes or other vessel. potting mix. 'blood and bone' or compost (or other fertiliser). seeds or seedlings. water. sunshine.

Step Two

Mix - In the mixing pot, mix garden soil, compost, leaves, potting mix and organic fertiliser.

Step Three

Plant - Carefully transfer mixture into herb pot. Check your seeds and plant different ones in different holes or pots. Be sure to label what is what.

Step Four

Water - Water lightly, leave and wait (remember to water them regularly while waiting!)

Step Five

Testing, tasting - As the herbs grow, teach your kids how to pinch off new leaves to make them bushier. Let them taste and describe the herbs. Test their smell-memory: cut some herbs and give them a blindfold test. Prepare some classic herb combos such as: lamb and mint sauce, tomato and oregano or basil, potato salad and chives, lime and coriander dressing – and garlic with just about anything!


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