How to throw a themed superhero party


How to throw a themed superhero party


Get your superhero ready for a fun-filled party your little crime stopper will never forget.

Step One

Invitations: Develop several wallet-size photographs of your child dressed in his favorite superhero costume. Purchase red and blue cardstock paper (5" x 7") with matching envelopes (choose either blue or red). For each invitation, cut a shape of Superman's insignia out of the red paper. Glue it to the top half of a sheet of blue paper. Adhere your child's photograph to the center of the insignia. Using a silver paint pen, write out the party information: Calling all Superheroes! Let's use our powers to celebrate [name of your child]'s birthday. Where: The Justice League [(home address].) When: Speed of Light [date and time]. Dress in your favorite superhero costume!

Step Two

Decorations: Purchase superhero-themed plates, cups, napkins, and plastic tablecloths from your local party store. To make a centerpiece, line up a row of action figures down the middle of the table. Tie a blue and red balloon to each one. Tear out pages of a superhero comic book or coloring book and tape them to the backs of the chairs. Tie a cape around the birthday boy's chair.

Step Three

Activities:Kryptonite hunt: Everyone knows that kryptonite can stop Superman in his tracks. Kids can save the day by ridding the planet of this lethal threat. Coat several large rocks with fluorescent yellow paint. Hide them around your backyard. Have the guests hunt down as many pieces as possible. Collect them all in a tin foil-covered cardboard "lead" box.lash tag: Enlist a grown-up or older sibling to dress up as the Flash and hold a game of Tag the Flash. (Be sure to remind the super speedy hero to slow down enough for the kids to nab him.)Face and hand painting: Paint bats, Superman "S"'s, lightening bolts, and other superhero symbols on the hands and cheeks of the partygoers. (Be sure to use the specially formulated face paint found at most craft and art supply stores.)Villain bean bag toss: Select four pictures of villains from superhero comic books, coloring books, posters, or the Internet. Tape each one to the bottom of the inside of a laundry basket or other extra large container. Line up four chairs in a row. Place one basket sideways on each chair. Have the children throw beanbags at the evil-doers.Super craft station: Got a shy guest? Stock a craft table with crayons, superhero-themed coloring books, stickers, and construction paper to entertain quieter partygoers during the celebration.

Step Four

Super Easy Super Hero Birthday Cake:Bake a 13" x 9" x 2" cake of any flavor. Frost the cake in icing color of your choice. Position miniature action figures around the perimeter of the cake. Using tinted icing, pipe a superhero symbol of your child's choice (such as Superman's S) in the center. Write Happy Birthday [your child's name] on top of the symbol.

Step Five

Serve food and beverages Serve muscle burgers, superhero juice, superman subs, and carrot sticks with power dip.

Step Six

Give comic books. Give your guests a loot bag filled with superhero stickers, pencils, comic books, and candy.

Step Seven

Party Favors: End your party with a Bam! Pow! Boom! by having a superhero scavenger hunt. Hand out paper bags decorated with superhero stickers. Enlist another adult to help toss superhero supplies (Green Lantern rings, stickers, action figures, comic books, super rubber balls) into the air for the kids to gather. Have all of the children help you count to three. On three, throw the contents into the air and watch them grab as many items as they can at the speed of light.


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