How to install static cling window film


How to install static cling window film


Windows give you a view to the world outside your home or office. Unfortunately, windows work both ways. They let people outside see into your buildings. Windows also let in ultraviolet rays and heat from the Sun. To protect your privacy, your home’s energy efficiency, and your UV-sensitive belongings, you can install static-cling window film. Using only a few tools, in a few minutes you can cover a window with this film and enjoy your new look and protection.

Step One

Pour 1 quart of warm water into one spray bottle. Pour 1/4 teaspoon dish detergent into the other spray bottle with 1 quart of warm water.

Step Two

Wash your window with your paper towels and soap water. Be sure to get the window clean and streak-free.

Step Three

Spray the window with your water bottle. Do not over-water. A mist is all that is needed to prevent friction.

Step Four

Peel the film away from its backing. Start at one corner and gently pull the film free.

Step Five

Align the top edge of the film with the top of the window. Smooth the film onto the window from the top to the bottom with your hands. Lightly mist the film with water.

Step Six

Secure the top of the film to the window with your putty knife. Place the putty knife's blade in one corner, holding it at a 45-degree angle, and drag it gently across the top edge.

Step Seven

Secure the middle of the film to the window. Place the blade of your putty knife in the centre of the top of the window and slowly drag it down the middle of the window to the bottom.

Step Eight

Working from the middle to each side and from top to bottom, slowly drag your putty knife across the film to secure it to the window. Be sure to hold the knife at an angle and work all the water and air from under the film.

Step Nine

Trim the edges of the film with your razor knife. Use your putty knife to hold the edge of the film firmly to the corners and cut off the excess.

Step Ten

Dry the film with lint-free paper towels and enjoy.


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