The DIY Way To Fit Your Bathroom


The DIY Way To Fit Your Bathroom


Bathroom fittings. Can’t do without them in a bathroom. I dare you to try. If you’re a bit of a DIY nut, you want to try doing everything yourself. Fitting your bathroom though? It might be a little bit worrying. If you’ve never done it before it can seem like a job outside of your reach. You’re wrong though. Follow this guide and you’ll be a pro at fitting your bathroom in no time.

Keep The Water Off

A basic mistake for many. Whenever you’re doing any fitting, you don’t want to risk a spray of water. Fitting your bathroom requires quite of a lot of adhesives, mixing them with water could dilute them to the point of ineffectiveness. You’ll have to wait until they dry before you start sticking your sink to the wall, for instance.

Be Prepared

Don’t go into this job without the tools and materials you need. Of course, you’ll need your sink, taps, toilet, and bath. You’ll need a whole host of tools though. Everything from a hammer to an adhesive injector.

While you’ll have to do this job a bit at a time, it’s recommended to have everything ready to go before you start. If you’re still living in this home, you want the bathroom to be functional as soon as possible. The reason the job needs to be done a bit at a time is simply because it’s time-consuming. Adhesives take a long time to set. Sometimes you can’t progress until they’re set.

Connect The Pipes Properly

Before anything gets stuck down, turn the water on briefly to test the pipes. Do the taps work correctly? Does the showerhead have enough pressure? Is the toilet cistern filling up properly? If any of these isn’t working correctly, you need to go back to fix them until they do. It may end up being a long and gruelling job.

If you notice something wrong and you can’t correct it, call an emergency plumber. Not all problems are readily apparent. If you want this bathroom to be in full working order when you’re done, you have to get the pipes done right. That’s why you should always have the number of a professional on-hand when you’re out of your depth.

Be Patient

It’s already been said that the adhesives for sticking the fittings down take time. You can’t rush ahead just because you want to get more of the job done. You need to take as much time as recommended for the adhesives to set. Possibly even more. You just need to be patient.

Space the work out over a few days. Don’t aim to get it done in one night. Plan accordingly too. If your bathroom is out of use for a few days, make alternate arrangements for those facilities.

A bathroom doesn’t have to be hard to put together. With the right guides and tools, anybody can do it. That said, some people just aren’t gifted at DIY. Don’t attempt this job if you don’t think you’ve got the skill to pull it off correctly.

Blog Uploaded: 7th July 2015


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