7 DIY Jobs You Should Leave To The Experts


7 DIY Jobs You Should Leave To The Experts


We’re big advocates of DIY here at Let’s Fix It! After, all, our name is a statement of intent. We love to get our hands dirty, learn new skills, and get stuck into the repairs. There is no better feeling than figuring out how to fix something and bringing it back to life. That little buzz of pride and sense of achievement never gets old! However, there are certain times when you should take a step back and let the professionals take care of things.

We are often over-confident, and that’s when accidents happen. How hard can it be to fix the boiler, right? The answer is very hard. And dangerous. Tackling something like this can lead to much bigger problems too. You might end up spending a fortune to fix your botched DIY job! Let’s say you attempted to rewire the circuits behind your light sockets. One wrong move and you could kill all the upstairs electrics in that circuit. You’ve now got a much bigger, and more expensive, job on your hands. For your own safety and practicality, here are the seven DIY projects best left to the experts.

  1. Plumbing

If you’ve got a leaky pipe, you can go ahead and tighten that up, no problem. For anything bigger, it’s time to call your local plumber. It’s particularly important when it comes to your boiler and the main water tank. The expert plumbers at Cannon Services tell us that a mistake here can wreak havoc on the entire house.

Remember, the entire plumbing system is connected by a series of pipes. You could cause significant damage, or even flooding, across the house. Just an inch of water can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage. You’ll have to refit the carpets and treat any wooden floors. The water may even creep into the low electrical sockets and wreak havoc with your electrics. It’s simply not worth the risk!

  1. Electrics

You don’t need us to tell you that playing with electrics is dangerous. Much like plumbing, the whole house is connected via a series of electrical circuits. One wrong move and you could cut off power to the whole house. And that’s a much bigger repair bill! Not only that, but you run the risk of electrocution. By all means, replace the fuses, re-wire a plug and a even socket. But, if you’re having trouble elsewhere, bring in the experts.

  1. Roofing

The roof is a delicate balance of careful architecture and building. With older homes, roof problems can strike quite suddenly. Sagging roofs, leaks, and loose tiles are a major problem here. It’s crucial to remember that your roof is not safe. Most roofers are now using scaffolding to complete every project. If they’re not confident about standing on the roof itself, neither should you! Put your foot through the roof and you’ve got much bigger trouble. More importantly, you put yourself at risk of danger here. An unstable roof can lead to falls and severe injuries.

  1. Gas

Gas is a silent killer, and it may be too late before you even realise there’s a problem. If you think you can fix the gas cooker or the gas boiler, think again. A small gas leak will infiltrate your lungs, and cause serious health conditions. There is also a very real fire risk. If gas is pouring into a room unnoticed, a small spark could set the whole place alight. Gas is the most dangerous and unstable element in your home. Treat it with respect and call out the professionals.

  1. Structural changes

There are few things as enjoyable as taking a sledgehammer to one of your walls! However, before you do so, you must consult a structural specialist. It’s not always easy to figure out which walls are structural and which are dividers. The same goes for making structural changes in the attic or basement. Don’t do anything that could weaken or undermine the structural integrity of your home.

This could include conversions or simply opening up a living space by knocking down a dividing wall. Before you go ahead, consult an expert. They’ll assess your property and advise you on the best course of action. Destroying a load bearing wall or beam could lead to serious problems elsewhere in the home. It will be months or years before you notice, and the repairs will be expensive.

  1. Tree removal

Most homeowners would probably feel confident cutting down a big tree in their garden. Get your hands on a chainsaw and it’s a simple job, right? Well, not quite. A huge majority of DIY accidents have resulted from DIY tree surgery. We’re talking about dangerous, lethal tools and heights here. The two concepts do not go together! Even if you’re just tidying up and trimming a few branches, it’s best to leave it to the experts. If you’re removing the tree entirely, don’t hesitate in picking up the phone. One wrong move and that tree could tumble into your house, breaking windows and causing structural damage!

  1. Replacing windows

We all know that double glazing is quickly becoming a necessity for our homes. It vastly improves the insulation of the house. Doing so will reduce your energy bills and even bump up the value of your home. If you haven’t made the upgrade yet, it should be at the top of your to-do list. However, you shouldn’t do this alone. Installing windows is a careful and tricky task. The experts have the right tools for the job, so they can move glass around safely. They’ll install it with no gaps or faults too. Remember, glass is very expensive. One wrong move and you’ll be paying for that window twice! Get an expert fitting and don’t risk the expense.

As we said, we support most DIY jobs in the home. In most cases, we say ‘get stuck in!’ But, the most important rule of DIY is knowing your limits. If you’re not sure, call the professionals.

Blog Uploaded: 14th July 2015


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