How to download audio books to iPod Touch


How to download audio books to iPod Touch


An iPod Touch allows you to do more than just listen to music. You can store photos, watch videos, play games, read and write email and browse the Internet. You can also listen to an audio book using the same software that allows you to listen to songs. Using iTunes (free software from Apple), you can purchase and download audio books to your computer. You can then use iTunes to quickly and easily transfer those audio books to your iPod Touch.

Step One

Connect your iPod Touch to your computer using a USB cable.

Step Two

Open the iTunes software.

Step Three

Click once on the iPod icon that appears on the left side of the screen.

Step Four

Click on the "Books" tab in the main window of iTunes.

Step Five

Click once to put a check the box next to "Sync Audiobooks."

Step Six

Select whether you want to sync all audiobooks, or manually choose the individual audio books that you want to put on your iPod Touch.

Step Seven

Click "Apply."

Step Eight

Click "Sync." iTunes will now transfer the downloaded audio books to your iPod Touch.


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