How to check the Weather on an iPhone or iPod Touch


How to check the Weather on an iPhone or iPod Touch


Is the weather on your mind and all you have to check the weather is your iPod touch? Look no further than the information in this article, to check the forecast for any city in the world.

Step One

Using the Notification Center - Swipe down from the top of your screen. This will open the Notification Center. You can open the Notification Center from most screens.

Step Two

Tap the "Today" button.

Step Three

Look for the weather information. It will be displayed beneath the time date. You should see a weather icon and a description of the day's weather. This may take a moment to load.

Step Four

Using the Weather App - Tap the "Weather" app to open it. It can be found on the first home page of your device. You may need to tap the "Home button" to return your device quickly to this screen. If you are using an iPod touch, you will need to have a network connection.

Step Five

Look at your local weather. Your device will attempt to find your current location using the Location Services. This will be the first entry in the Weather app.

Step Six

Tap a location for more details. You can tap any location in your weather list for more details and a forecast. Tap the "List" button to return to the location list.

Step Seven

Tap the "+" button to add another location.

Step Eight

Search for a location. You can search by city, zip code, or airport.


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