How to use an iPod Touch to record a lecture in class


How to use an iPod Touch to record a lecture in class


If you can’t remember lectures from your teacher and you’re too lazy to take notes, recording the lecture can be a great alternative!

Step One

Turn on your iPod touch and put it in your pocket or bag. Hang the earbuds outside for better sound quality.

Step Two

Depending on the model of your iPod, you may need to obtain an external microphone to be able to record sound. There are certain earbuds sold by Apple[1] that have a remote and mic on them. If you have a 4th generation iPod touch or above, there is a built-in microphone, so you don't need any accessories. If you have an older iPod touch (1st, 2nd, or 3rd generation), there is no microphone, so you'll need the earbuds or other external mic.

Step Three

Sit in the front row of the classroom so the iPod can pick up your teacher's voice.

Step Four

Tap the Voice Memos app.

Step Five

Tap the record icon to start recording. To save battery, you can lock the device. As long as you don't pause it, it will continue to record.

Step Six

After the lecture, return to your iPod and stop the recording. Make sure to do this discreetly—try waiting until the teacher is out of the room or otherwise occupied.


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