Advantages Of Having A Balcony at Home


The balcony is an elevated platform protruding from the wall of a building, and has been around since medieval and Renaissance periods. From classical Rome to the Victorian era, balconies were places for speeches and crowds to be addressed by the hierarchy. Having long since been popular in warmer European climates, British homeowners are increasingly opting for balconies. So, how would your home benefit?5

On the most basic level, extra square footage will dramatically increase property value. Cheaper and less time-consuming than building an extension, they’re a quick and less drastic way of giving your property that va va voom.

Defined as part of a room separated by a glass partition, when used for entertaining balconies can be part of the festivities whilst offering privacy.

Holidaymakers often enjoy making the most of warm weather by waking to increased natural light via patio style doors and eating breakfast on the balcony. You too can experience al fresco dining without the exposed feel of a ground floor patio deck. On sunny weekends set up the barbecue (if there’s optimum distance from the house!) or while away lazy afternoons with cups of tea.

Think you wouldn’t use a balcony in this climate? Invest in a chiminea, cozy blankets and fairy lights before settling with a glass of wine to watch the sunset. Blankets are a staple of night time al fresco dining, so even if your own company is all you need, whack a microwave meal for one in and pretend you’re on Kraków’s New Town square.

Especially beneficial to households without a garden, balconies mean you can safely leave your pet outdoors for some fresh air. And if you don’t have a pet, there’s the option of growing a potted herb and flower garden undisturbed by animals and insects.

A bonus of balconies is their versatility, and other more practical uses include an extra spot to dry clothes, or providing storage for summer items not needed over colder months. They are also a way of enhancing your property’s views, be it a stunning panorama if you’re lucky enough, a spot for birdwatching and photography, or if you’re even luckier next door’s dishy gardener.

Balconies are an extension of the home and can be made as aesthetically pleasing as you like. A tranquil haven from the outside world and family life, listen to the wind chimes whilst practising some yoga or meditation. For others, extra space is a godsend. And if you run out of uses there’s always Romeo & Juliet roleplay.

Blog Uploaded: 30th July 2015


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