How To Make Your Garage Feel Brand New


How To Make Your Garage Feel Brand New


The garage is an important part of the home, and anyone fortunate enough to own one should embrace it fully. It keeps vehicles, which are some of our most valuable assets, secure. Moreover, it offers a great place to carry out DIY tasks and other home chores.

However, the garage is vulnerable. It can quickly deteriorate into a total mess, completely ruin any enjoyment we get from it. At its best, the garage is a joy. At its worst, it feels more of a burden than a blessing.

Here’s how you can restore yours back to its former glory.

The Door

First and foremost, the garage is a place for keeping your vehicles safe overnight. However, if getting in and out is difficult, you’ll soon question whether it’s even worth the hassle.

A garage door should open and shut easily. Firstly, you should be sure to make sure it isn’t obstructed. If you’re still having problems, then it’s time to take action.

The obvious action would be to buy a new door completely, but that can be expensive. Roller shutter repairs will save you money, as well as the hassle of ordering and installing an entirely new one. Once the door works properly once more, you’ll find the garage to be a far better place.

Tidy Up

One of the main reasons that we fall out of love with the garage is that we let it become a tip. Admittedly, it doesn’t need to be kept as clean as other areas of the house. However, even if you use this area for DIY, you shouldn’t let the space descend into chaos.

Decluttering the garage won’t take much time, and it will make the place feel and look far better. Once tidy, it will be much easier to clean and you might even be able to find extra space for enjoying another hobby.

As well as looking better, removing rubbish will also decrease the level of dust. This will make it smell better while also benefiting your health too. For a few hours of work, it might improve a large chunk of your life.


It’s amazing how much of a difference can be made by a lick of paint. If your garage hasn’t been painted in a few years, then you should set about changing that soon.

A fresh coat of paint will transform the look of your garage. Be sure to prepare the walls properly, though. Using a light colour won’t just give the space a ‘brand new’ feeling, it can also help create a bigger appearance. That’s got to be a huge incentive for any homeowner.

You could also paint the outside areas to complete the look. However, the inside areas should be a priority. The new appearance should additionally encourage you to keep the area tidy over the coming months and years.

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