How to make a Solar Water Fountain?


How to make a Solar Water Fountain?


This blog tells you how to create a relaxing solar water fountain as a great feature in your garden. Depending on the size of budget and space, fountains can be simple or elaborate. Ranging from one container to tiered fountains of any size, create a relaxing atmosphere and draw wildlife to the garden or patio. A solar-powered fountain with self-contained solar panels allows for energy conservation and placement anywhere in the garden without the worry of plugs or electrical sockets. Solar-powered floating fountains can be found on the Internet and at most home and garden stores. Construct a simple, solar-powered fountain with minimal supplies in less than three hours.

Step One

Choose a location for the fountain that receives at least five hours of direct sunlight a day. This will maximise fountain productivity. Ensure the area is free of overhanging branches or vegetation that may shade the fountain.

Step Two

Clean the ground of any debris, Clear away 8 inches of dirt 12 inches wider than the circumference of the barrel.

Step Three

Add a 2-inch layer of pea gravel and sand to cleared area. Moisten gravel mixture and press sand and gravel firmly together. Ensure the ground is level.

Step Four

Position whiskey barrel in the centre of gravel and twist slightly to set. Check again to determine the barrel is level.

Step Five

Drop the plastic liner inside of the barrel, and ensure a tight fit. Fill the barrel with water 3/4 full. Allow chlorine in the water to burn off in the sun for at least two hours before proceeding. Heavily chlorinated water can kill plants.

Step Six

Gently drop floating solar fountain into the barrel. It will take several hours of direct sunlight before the fountain will begin to pump. Place solar-powered lights into the water. Add aquatic plants such as water lilies, if desired.

Step Seven

Establish a variety of perennial plants around the planter if you choose to maximise wildlife visitation.


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