Simple Ways to Add Some Vintage Style to Your Home


Simple Ways to Add Some Vintage Style to Your Home


Vintage style in the home remains as popular as ever, so use these ideas to add a vintage twist to your home.

Repurpose Broken and Disused Items

There are so many old things that you are probably tempted to throw out. But when your favourite chair starts to bend and break, you shouldn’t get rid of it. You could renovate it and turn it into a whole new kind of chair! You just need to put your DIY skills to good use and get creative.

Alternatively, you could take an old item and turn it into something completely new. There are no limits to what you can do with an old item; you just need to use your imagination. You could take a vintage wooden sieve and turn it into a light fixture.

Embrace Old Technology

Using old technology and the things that you don’t think you need anymore can be a great way of giving your home some added vintage style. A lot of people are buying old record players and using them to play music on. But that’s not all they’re for; they’ve now become a stylish bit of furniture too.

This is easy to do, and it has a double use. You could dig out some old records or start a collection to go with it. They make great display items and having a physical collection of music is always more fun than relying on iTunes. You can apply the same logic to other forms of old technology. For example, some people have started using old typewriters as decorations for the home.

Find a Vintage Mirror

If you ask me, a vintage mirror looks great in almost any room in your house. They can create a unique, vintage look in the bathroom or the living room or your bedroom. You should ask yourself which of these rooms would suit a vintage mirror best and then go about finding the right one.

You should focus mainly on the quality of the frame when you’re looking for a mirror. The glass can easily be replaced, but it’s the frame that makes the mirror look stylish. You could repaint it to give it more of a modern twist, but make sure the wood is strong and won’t break as soon as you take it home. If you don’t want to do this, you can find good vintage mirrors that need no work doing to them from Horton Green Interiors.

Turn a Suitcase into a Wall Cabinet

Yes, really. Turing a suitcase into a wall cabinet is a great thing to do, and it looks better than you imagine. To start with, you need to find an old vintage suitcase that will look good on display. These can be found in pretty much any antique shop or junk shop. You just need to look around until you find the right one. You might find them on online auction sites too.

Then you just have to tilt it on its side and fix it to the wall. This can be done with some strong nails and a hammer. Then it will open out, and you can secure some shelves on the inside of the suitcase. You might need to fix a new closing mechanism so that it acts as a door that can be opened and closed like a normal cabinet.

Blog Uploaded: 15th September 2015


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