Kitchen Remodelling Tips for a Rental Property


Kitchen Remodelling Tips for a Rental Property


Rental properties are subjected to a lot more wear and tear than a regular home. If you are a landlord this is something you need to learn to live with otherwise it will eat you up big time. Unfortunately there is no way to stop thoughtless tenants introducing pets that chew (without your permission) or failing to control their energetic offspring. You could complain about it, but it is far easier to focus on durability rather than attractiveness when making renovations and improvements in a rental property. This pearl of wisdom applies to kitchens in particular, so before you buy a top of the range kitchen, read on for some useful tips.

What’s Your Target Audience?

It is important that any kitchen you buy is in keeping with the type of tenant you are hoping to attract. Executive tenants will expect a top-of-the-range designer kitchen with all modern conveniences, whereas a low-income family in a cheap rental apartment will expect budget units and appliances. Basically don’t over-egg your omelette, as there is little point in spending way more than you need to.

Don’t Buy for You

A lot of amateur landlords make one key mistake when remodelling a kitchen in a rental property: they choose a kitchen that they like rather than a kitchen that is suitable for the property. This is a huge mistake unless you are only letting the property short-term and have every intention of living there at some point soon. Just because you like the kitchen, it doesn’t mean other people will, so keep it neutral so tenants are not turned off by your wacky taste.

Good Quality Flooring

The floor is likely to receive a significant hammering during the life of the kitchen, so pick a resilient material. Tiles are good because they can withstand spills and are easy to keep clean. Vinyl flooring is also good, but invest in a good quality product or it won’t last long enough.

Tiles and More Tiles

Tiles are most costly in the short term, but they protect walls and make it easier to clean up after a messy tenant. Try and tile as much of the walls in a kitchen and bathroom as possible or you will be forever painting. Stick to neutral coloured tiles, as they are less offensive.

Extended Warranties

Don’t be too quick to say no to extended warranties on kitchen appliances. Unless they are prohibitively expensive, extended warranties can be a great investment on white goods for a rental property. Appliances will likely suffer more wear and tear than average, but if they are covered by a warranty you can have them fixed or replaced for the cost of the original warranty.

Neutral Décor

Always keep it neutral when remodelling a kitchen for a rental home. That way tenants are free to add their own colours in the form of blinds and other decorative extras.

There is a lot to think about when remodelling a rental home, but do make sure you have a property inventory London at the start of the tenancy so wear and tear can be accurately assessed when the tenant moves out at the end of the tenancy.

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