How to make Candy Sushi


How to make Candy Sushi


Do you need an idea for a creative dessert? This fun dessert incorporates Western sweets with a traditional Asian art form. Use some creativity and these instructions to create a tasty dessert to follow a delicious sushi dinner.

Step One

Heat the butter and marshmallows Heat the butter and marshmallows in a microwave-safe bowl on high for 2 minutes. Stir the mixture and then microwave for an additional minute.

Step Two

Add cereal, flatten into sheets, and cool Add the cereal, stirring until it’s coated. Use a spatula to flatten the mixture onto three wax paper-lined 12-inch by 7-inch baking sheets.

Step Three

Trim the cereal sheets into rectangles Allow the mixture to cool completely. Then use a knife to cut each sheet in half, trimming the edges of the sheets to make six rectangles.

Step Four

Place candy at the end of the sheets, and roll Place a few gummy worms, fish, or licorice sticks at the short edge of one cereal sheet. Roll the sheet around the candy once, until the cereal just overlaps, and then trim the remainder.

Step Five

Wrap a fruit roll-up around the candy roll Wrap fruit leather tightly around your candy roll. Gently squeeze it to make your sushi together.

Step Six

Slice the roll into eight even pieces Run a sharp knife under very warm water to heat it. Then cut the roll into eight even pieces.

Step Seven

Continue to roll and cut candy sushi, and serve Continue to roll and cut candy sushi until all of the cereal sheets are gone. Then arrange them on a plate, get your chopsticks, and eat.


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