How To Live A More Eco-Friendly Life


How To Live A More Eco-Friendly Life


Lots of us have been striving for years to live as eco-friendly a life as we can. Not only does it save us a lot of money, but it helps prevent wastage. This is an environmentally friendly way to live too. There are many ways to do this in life and your home. It’s not always the easiest way to get things done, and it may cause you one or two inconveniences. But living life the eco-friendly way could be the best thing you and for your wallet.

Many of us live in homes surrounded by electrical gadgets and gizmos. Many of these are rated for their energy efficiency. A+ is one of the best ratings you can come across. Your boiler, light bulbs, washing machine and TV will all be rated in this way. As you come to replace these things, look for the best rating. This means they consume the smallest amount of energy needed to work effectively. That saves you a lot of money on your electricity bill!

Another way to save on your electricity bill is to instal solar panels. Some installations allow you to earn money when the excess is sent back to the grid. Others have a battery system allowing you to store the energy generated for after dark. The most common type of installation allows you to use whatever energy is generated at that time. Using your tumble dryer or vacuum on a sunny day could, therefore, cost you nothing in electricity.

In Britain, the battle of retaining heat in your home can start as early as October. Insulation makes an enormous difference, saving you a fortune on your heating bills. You should also check all your pipes are insulated or clad to prevent damage during sub-zero spells. All hot water pipes should be covered in insulation to retain their heat too. Draught excluders and thermal curtains help prevent heat loss through doors and windows as well.

There are quite effective ways around the home to prevent wastage and environmental damage too. If you don’t need any more plastic carrier bags, then don’t take them from the supermarket. Instead, reuse the ones you have, or take other bags with you to carry shopping. Why not walk to the store instead of driving if it’s close enough? It can help keep you fit and healthy at the same time.

Many of us buy low-priced clothing from big chain stores. Sometimes these items don’t last long, and they may not have been produced in an eco-friendly way. Online eco-friendly stores like Ian Snow can provide clothing and soft furnishings that are Fairtrade and hand made. You can find out more about the origin of the fabric and the conditions under which it was made. This helps you make an informed choice about your fashion and accessories.

Furnishing the home is expensive. Sometimes it is better to buy from reputable manufacturers than budget stores. You need to be certain the wood is from sustainable sources. You also need to make sure that any fabrics or materials used are safe and free from harmful chemicals. Best of all, you’re supporting suppliers that believe in the same eco-friendly ethos as you.

Recycling is essential to twenty-first century living. There simply isn’t enough landfill space for all the waste our society produces. Instead, many packaging materials can be recycled. They can be turned into new packaging materials or other products. Plastic is one of the biggest polluters of landfill sites. It doesn’t break down or disappear without being processed properly. Think how many toys you’ve tossed in the trash from chocolate eggs, Christmas crackers and unwanted gift sets. While wooden toys are not necessarily the answer, gifting unwanted items to charity or other users can help prevent wastage.

bottle recycling

Many household items can be recycled if you take it to the recycling centre yourself. This is little effort on the bigger scale of things when it comes to environmental impact. You won’t be paid for your time and trouble. In fact, you may even be charged a small fee for some items to be disposed of responsibly. But it’s definitely worth it to prevent further damage and impact on the environment.

So what changes can you make today? Mindful purchases can help a lot. Think about how you will use the items you want to purchase. And how you will dispose of them when they are no longer any use to you? You might also want to consider the cost of the purchase on your wallet. Do you really need this item? Do you know how it was made and travelled to you? What impact has that had on the environment? Most of us don’t think about these things, but some eco-friendly stores do.

Food is wasted every day. Sometimes the kids won’t eat what we put in front of them. And sometimes we buy too much and can’t use it before it spoils. Making a couple of small changes to our lifestyle can help prevent food waste. Food waste can be recycled, but food is getting rather too expensive to waste. Many vegetables and fruits that you would cook can be purchased frozen. They are much cheaper this way. It will usually store in your freezer for many months reducing wastage or spoil.

Raw and cooked meat can also be frozen. Some packets of meat have ‘cook-from-frozen’ instructions. In fact, lots of our daily food can be stored for longer in a freezer. Do you plan your meals? You could ensure you are only buying what you absolutely need to help reduce waste and overspend too. This allows you to budget your family meals as well.

Living an eco-friendly life can be easier than you think. You don’t have to start a vegetable patch and build a mini wind farm in your garden to still have a positive impact. Prevention of waste is one of the best ways to make a difference for your wallet and the environment. Food, heat, petrol and clothing can all be purchased smarter and used smarter to save you money. See what you can do today.

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