Rediscover Your Garage With A Complete Renovation


Rediscover Your Garage With A Complete Renovation


For many families, the garage is little more than a place to keep a car safe overnight and store a few boxes of junk in an unorganised fashion. However, if you are lucky enough to have this blessing in your home, it’s vital that you make the most of it.

A great garage serves as a very useful part of the property. It’s the perfect place to conduct DIY projects, enjoy your hobbies, or store family mementos in an ideal manner. However, to get the most out of the space, you’ll first need to give it the attention it deserves.

Don’t worry if you’ve let your garage become a mess. Here’s how you can restore its glory.


Before thinking about how to create the perfect garage, you must first strip things back to basics. After all, an artist can’t paint a masterpiece without the right canvas to start with.

If you’ve let the garage slide into a mess, it will look like a daunting prospect. But decluttering won’t take as long as you might first fear. Moreover, you’ve probably got a lot of money tied up in old junk. Sell them on eBay and you’ll be surprised at how much extra money you make.

Once you’ve decluttered, clean the space thoroughly. With these steps complete, you’ll start to see a far greater potential for the space.

Make Sure Things Work

The restoration project means that you clearly have intentions of using it on a more frequent basis. Therefore, it’s imperative that you make sure the room is suitable.

Checking the electrics and other facilities should be completed before you start to worry about buying new products. Simple ideas like installing a dimmer switch to your lighting can make a vast difference too.

As well as the electrics, you should think about heating. This is something you’ve probably not worried about for years. If the garage doesn’t already have radiators, it might be easier to invest in a halogen heater. Either way, it’s important that you think about the temperature. Let’s face it, you won’t use the area if it’s too cold.

Get these steps right, and it lays the foundation to start creating the garage of your dreams.


The final step is to redesign the area. But before starting this stage, you must first ensure that you know exactly what is needed from the space.

Storage is a key feature. Shelving and other facilities are a must if you want to keep the space organised from now on. This will make a vast difference to the room and how it can be used. Meanwhile, it saves the stress of spending hours looking for misplaced items.

It’s also important to make the room feel personal. Adding character with photographs isn’t limited to the living room, and these ideas can be used to brighten up your garage. Alternatively, you could kit it out in the colours of your favourite sports team.

As long as you make the space practical and happy, you can’t go far wrong.

Blog Uploaded: 15th October 2015


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