Manageable Home Alterations For The Elderly


Manageable Home Alterations For The Elderly


At a certain age, everyday household tasks become more and more difficult. Simply moving around, getting up the stairs, and taking a shower become tiresome. That’s why most elderly citizens, or their family and carers, consider making adaptations around the house. They’re small changes that make your day-to-day life a little easier. Most of the solutions we’ll look at today are DIY jobs that your family can help install. Others will require a some assistance from the professionals. But, however you choose to build them, they’ll boost your quality of life significantly. Let’s take a look at some of the best options.


Handrails are a simple and easy solution to getting around the house. It will just give you a little stability, and reduce the likelihood of falling over in the home. Handrails are easily installed with a little DIY handiwork. They’re especially useful in the bathrooms, where sharp edges provide a potential trip hazard. But, you can install them anywhere you need assistance in the home.

Ground floor bathroom

Many properties don’t have a bathroom downstairs. If you live in an older property or terrace house, you’ll often find just one bathroom on the first floor. This isn’t ideal for the elderly, and it certainly isn’t practical. Installing a ground floor bathroom is a fairly big project to take on. You may need the help of a conversion specialist, and you will need to hire a plumber for the tricky waterworks. But, once it’s up and running, you’ll have everything in close proximity.


For those in a wheelchair, a simple ramp will make life much easier. A ramp leading up to the front door will help cut out any difficult stairs. You can do the same at the back door leading down into the garden. It means you can easily and safely get yourself outside; perfect for enjoying the garden in the summer!

Chair lifts

One of the trickiest things about growing old is tackling the stairs! It’s like a mountain challenge for those with back problems and weak legs. That’s why stairlifts are so popular in homes for the elderly. Again, you’ll need some help from the experts to install, and maintain this piece of equipment. But, once it’s in place, you’ll have easy access to the first floor.

Sound indicators

Sound indicators are especially useful for when your hearing starts to deteriorate. It becomes more and more difficult to hear the doorbell or the phone. There are two different options for you here. Firstly, you can fit a visual indicator, whereby the lights will flash when the doorbell or phone rings. Secondly, you can wear a small indicator on your body that vibrates when those same things happen. Very useful indeed!

Remote controls

Lastly, you can fill your home with technology for the elderly! Remote controls are great, because they let you relax, and control everything from one place. You can get remote controls for lights, plug sockets, and any electrical item, like your radio.

It’s all about making those small daily tasks more manageable. Where would you start?

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