How to make tuna soup


How to make tuna soup


This is a very simple, no-cook dish you can make when the fridge is pretty empty and you have limited items to work with. It’ll clear your sinuses, and works as a cold comfort food for almost any situation!

Step One

Open the can of tuna. You can either drain it or leave the water in; it depends on your taste.

Step Two

Put it into a bowl, and add a generous amount of mayonnaise (not an obscene amount, make it fairly even or balanced).

Step Three

Add your mustard. Again, how much you put in is up to you, maybe 2-3 tablespoons.

Step Four

Add the pickles. A good choice is to use dill pickles, which is what fits best with the dish. You can also use pickle chips, cubed pickle pieces, diced pickles, heck, you can just take a bit out of a whole pickle after each bite of tuna mix.

Step Five

Add pickle juice to the tuna. This is the soupy part! You can add a lot or a little, some like to add a lot so it's nice and watery.

Step Six

Stir it up, and dig in!


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