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The bedroom is the best place to relax, and get away from the stresses of everyday life. It’s a cosy place that should be completely separate from the rest of the house. You need a luxury room to escape to after a long day! A place to hide from the kids, and enjoy all to yourself. As DIYers and decorators, we tend to focus on other areas of the home. We make kitchen and bathroom upgrades. We spend hours in the garden, and work on making the living room cosy. But, don’t forget to work on the bedroom. Treat yourself to a luxury space with these amazing upgrades.

Four poster bed – A four poster bed is the ultimate in decadent luxury. Choose a rich mahogany wood, and it will command the room! Finish it with expensive linen, and a big chunky duvet for the ultimate in luxury. It’s not just about aesthetics here (although they do look amazing). It’s also about feeling great, and finding the perfect way to relax in your own home. A four poster bed might seem over the top, but it’s a wonderful treat for you and your partner.

Vanity dresser – If you’re looking to create an impression in the bedroom, you need one or two statement pieces of furniture. A vanity dresser will certainly fill the space, and demand attention. It’s also an incredibly practical piece of furniture, and you’ll feel like royalty when you sit down in front of it! Complete the dresser with a large mirror, and you’ll open up the space too. It’s a fantastic interior design secret that works wonders.

Extra furniture and accessories – It’s time to fill the rest of the space with unique and individual furniture. Try to find something with charm and character. Let your furniture give your bedroom a personality. Vintage style furniture is particularly popular at the moment, and looks fantastic. You’ll find plenty of options online, or go hunting at your local flea market. You’re bound to find a unique side table or even a luxury chaise longue.

Walk in wardrobe – Is there anything more luxurious and decadent than a walk in wardrobe? It’s certainly a status symbol if ever there was one! It’s an amazing way to store all your outfits and clothes in style. Perhaps you need an entire row just for your shoes. You’ll wake up every morning looking forward to getting ready in your very own wardrobe.

Music and lighting – Now that you’ve got the furniture and decoration in place, it’s time to set the mood. Music and lighting will have an enormous affect on the ambience and feel of the bedroom. Start with a dimmer switch to give your room a warm, luxurious glow. You can go one step further and use candles to give a romantic flicker. It’s worth installing music speakers in the bedroom too. You can relax in bed, changing the music with your phone. Perfect!

Follow these tips, and you’ll soon have your very own luxury bedroom. Treat yourself, you deserve it!

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