Increasing the value of your home with a conservatory…for less!


Increasing the value of your home with a conservatory…for less!


For decades, building a conservatory has been the home improvement project of choice for homeowners. A good quality conservatory adds a warm, comfy extra living space, beautifully lit with natural light. And in most cases, a conservatory can add considerably to the value of your home. An article in The Independent suggests that on average, adding 10% to your floor space, adds 5% to the value of your home. And another online article suggesting a conservatory generates an average return on investment of 108% (with a net profit of over £5,700).

But the smart home improver is always wary of false economy – after all, not all conservatories are built alike. A cheap and cheerful conservatory with inferior design and materials might create a living space that is too cold in winter and too hot and stuffy in summer – in other words, a wasted, unusable space. Indeed, an inferior quality conservatory may actually end up compromising the value of your home by putting off potential buyers rather than attracting them.

This article explores how to get a high-quality conservatory you can be proud of, but without having to spend a small fortune.

Invest in well-designed, high-quality materials

Don’t be tempted to compromise on quality materials and design. Any modern high-quality conservatory should feature:

  • Superb security features. Locking mechanisms and a sturdy build-quality to ward off even the most determined intruder
  • Excellent temperature regulation from the frames and glazing. Keeping your room warm and well-insulated in winter, yet comfortable and cool (through the glazing reflecting unwanted solar heat, glare and UV rays) on a summer’s day.
  • Robust build quality. A well-made conservatory should easily stand up to the harshest weather for many years to come.

Consider buying online rather than through big name suppliers

online conservatory supplierMany homeowners buy their conservatories through one of “big-name” suppliers. For the first-time buyer in particular, a household name providing a one-stop-shop solution can seem like the simplest and safest way to get the conservatory they desire. And whilst the quality of conservatories provided this way and the customer service provided is generally excellent, there are certainly far more cost effective ways to get the conservatory you want.

Buying your conservatory directly from an online specialist DIY conservatory supplier removes the added costs of salesmen’s commissions, unfavourable finance deals, and the mandatory use of the in-house building “experts” that are part and parcel of buying from big-name suppliers.

As a result, buying from an online specialists almost always results in dramatic savings, allowing you to afford a very well-appointed, high-quality conservatory for much less.

Build it yourself

self build conservatoryFirst-time conservatory owners may feel nervous about taking the do-it-yourself approach. But buyers should rest assured that high quality DIY conservatories are designed to be very straight forward to install and typically come with very clear step-by-step instructions.

In fact, a self-build conservatory should be within the capabilities of any competent DIY enthusiast. We would first recommend taking a look at our own guides to building and assembling a conservatory to give you an idea of what the project involves.

But even if you’d prefer to leave the actual building / installation of your conservatory to a professional; simply buying your DIY Conservatory from an online specialist will almost certainly be a far more cost-effective way to have the conservatory you have always dreamed of.

Blog Uploaded: 6th November 2015


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