How to make ginger rum


How to make ginger rum


In addition to being an excellent addition to the bar, this Ginger Rum liqueur can also be used in the kitchen, as an aide in marinades or as a secret ingredient in desserts (how about a ginger- infused merenge topping for your pumpkin pie?)

Step One

Ingredients - • 1 Cup White Sugar, • 1/2 Cup Brown Sugar (packed firmly), • 1 1/4 Cups Water, • 3 Tbsp chopped Ginger Root (use a fresh, heavy piece), • 3 Whole Cloves, • 1 tsp Black Cardamom Seeds, • 1 tsp Orange Zest, • 1 Cup of Light White Rum (low congener level) at 50% ABV, • 1/2 Cup of Aged Rum (medium to high congener level).

Step Two

Make a simple syrup by combining water, white and brown sugar, constantly stirring over medium to high heat until it reaches the boiling point. Add the ginger, cloves and cardamom and boil for 5 minutes.

Step Three

Remove from heat let stand until it reaches room temperature. Strain the syrup through a fine mesh strainer to remove all the solids.

Step Four

Place the liquid in a clean, 1-quart container, add the orange zest and both rums. Seal the container, cover it and let it stand in a cool, dark place for 1 month.

Step Five

Strain the orange zest and allow the liqueur to rest for one more month (you can use the zest as decoration in cocktails!).

Step Six

Filter or rack the ginger rum into its serving decanter and enjoy!


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