How to season a humidor


How to season a humidor


So, you have a new Humidor. You’re excited, you can’t wait to start storing your favorite stogies. Stop! Hold on, be patient. There are some very important steps you must take, to ensure you are providing a stable home, for those wonderfully filled, handsomely wrapped beauties…

Step One

Obtain a bottle of Distilled Water.

Step Two

Obtain a bottle of 50/50 Glycol, Distilled Water solution.

Step Three

Obtain a large, shallow dish.

Step Four

Leave any loose trays or dividers from your Humidor.

Step Five

Pour the distilled water into the large, shallow dish.

Step Six

Using the 50/50 Glycol, Distilled Water solution. Charge your humidification device. Apply the solution a few drops at a time. When you notice, that the device no longer absorbs the solution, it is full. If the device is over full or there is excess solution on the outside, dry it off with a paper towel before putting it back into your Humidor. It should not drip if you turn it upside down - if it does, shake it out until no more comes out. If your humidifier leaks, the solution will seep into the wood and could harm your cigars.

Step Seven

Now for the really hard part... Close the Humidor and let it set for 24 Hours.

Step Eight

After the 24 Hours have passed, open your Humidor and recharge your humidifier. Once again, close your Humidor and let it set for 24 Hours. After the second 24 Hour period, open your Humidor and check your hygrometer, if it is still not at the desired level, close the lid and wait another 24 Hours. By this time, your Humidor should be at a safe and comfortable 65%-72% humidity. You can check this if you have a hygrometer. You may need to refill your humidification device, depending on the type you are using.

Step Nine

Finally, do NOT wipe down the interior of your humidor. If you do, one of two things can occur - do it correctly and you save a mere 2 days of waiting; do it incorrectly or use too much water, and the wood can warp and bend, thereby harming your humidor and making it less effective.

Step Ten

Fill your Humidor with your favorite Cigars and enjoy!


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