How to make lavender linen water


How to make lavender linen water


Lavender linen water is a refreshing addition to spritz on linen and clothing prior to storage. It helps to leave a fresher odor on stored linens, and will impart a nice odor throughout the linen storage area.

Step One

Ingredients - 675ml (3 cups) distilled water, 85ml (3 oz) ethyl alcohol or isopropanol or 100% proof vodka, 15-30 drops lavender essential oil.

Step Two

Making lavender linen water - Pour the ingredients together into a suitable container. A spray container makes a good choice, as it will be ready to use rather than having to transfer it to another container.

Step Three

Let sit for a week before using. Over time the water will continue to ferment, infusing the lavender fragrance. Shake occasionally during infusion.

Step Four

Use within the following year. Add a label denoting both product and date to make it easier to know the remaining shelf life. Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight. The fragrance deteriorates with time.

Step Five

Using lavender linen water - Use the lavender linen water to add a pleasing fragrance to linens that are being stored.

Step Six

Apply in either of the following ways: Spray: Pour into a spray bottle and spray directly onto the linen while ironing. Iron: Pour a little into the iron and use the steam function.

Step Seven

Spritz linen prior to using it. While optional, this is a nice use for freshening linen. When removing linen from the cupboard for use, especially bedding, give a quick spritz with this water to freshen it. This is especially nice for pillow cases.


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