How to make slushy ice


How to make slushy ice


Mmmm, there’s nothing like a slushy ice drink on a hot summer day — or anytime you’re looking for a cold drink fix. Slushy drinks can be made in a variety of flavours. You only are limited by your imagination. Consider lemon, orange, raspberry or strawberry. You might even consider using flavoured liqueurs, as long as you add them near the end of the slushy-making process. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Step One

Dump the ice cubes into a blender. Use half a tray for a single drink, or a whole tray to serve two.

Step Two

Add the flavouring of your choice into the blender pitcher. You may add flavoured syrups, powders or gels. If you elect to flavour your drink with a liqueur, you should wait until the ice is nearly perfectly crushed.

Step Three

Turn the blender on at lowest speed. You want to be careful not to let the ice grind too fast so it liquefies. Be patient, and watch as the large cubes get smaller and smaller. When they are the size of your choice, and before they are completely liquid, turn off the blender.

Step Four

Pour into glasses. You can use beer glasses, parfait or other dessert glasses. Use whatever type of glass lends a sense of fun to the occasion.

Step Five

Drink up. Be sure to enjoy your slushy drink before it melts. Otherwise, you might have to start the process all over again.

Step Six

Try unusual flavourings, such as pineapple or guava juice concentrate, for a taste of something different. Do not add more than a single tray of ice to the blender. Adding too much ice might cause the blender to malfunction. It also can cause the ice to be crushed less efficiently.


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