Tree Damaging Your Foundations? Get Rid Of It Easily


As a homeowner, you might face problems with the foundations of your home. If you have large trees opposite your property, they can suck moisture from the foundations. This will often result in the property slipping and other long-term problems occurring. This can make the home unsafe and cause difficulties when you’re thinking of selling the place.

As such, you need to make sure you deal with this problem before it gets any worse. And that means you need to get rid of the tree or trees that are causing the damage. Take a look at this guide, and use it to take action right now. This needs to be a priority for you and your family for the good of the home.

What’s the Extent of the Damage

First off it’s useful to assess the extent of the damage and see the state your property is in. You will need to know this for safety and insurance reasons. But, you also need to know just how much damage the trees are actually causing. It might be worth bringing in a structural surveyor to assess the problem for you. They will be able to tell you just how much damage has been caused to the home, and how this is going to affect you going forward.

Identify the Problem

Next up you need to make sure you identify the problem and figure out the source of the issue. That means you have to make sure you find out which trees are causing the damage to your foundations. It might well be more than one. But it’s important to figure this out so you can take decisive action to fix the problem.

Get Permission

If you’re planning on felling a tree, that’s causing your home problems you might need to get permission. A lot of the time it will depend on where the tree is and how it’s positioned. You need to contact the local council and tell them about your plans. Demonstrate that the tree in question is causing structural damage, and make sure you have a thorough plan in place to get it down. If you can illustrate that you’ve planned this through you will be more likely to get permission.

Check the Area

Of course, when you take a tree down you’re going to need to dig very deep to get the roots. So it’s important to check the area and use cable locator services. The last thing you want is to be damaging power cables or water pipes in the area. This is going to lead to all kinds of problems, and more than a few disgruntled neighbours!

If there is a tree causing havoc to your property you need to act quickly. Leaving it will only ensure that the problem gets worse. So you’ve got to make sure you do everything you can to make sure the tree is removed, and you protect your property. If you don’t take decisive action, it could end up being a nightmare in the future.

Blog Uploaded: 8th December 2015


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