How To Make The Front Of Your House Look Presentable


How To Make The Front Of Your House Look Presentable


First impressions are vital. So, who doesn’t want the front of their house to look as good as it could? It’s the first thing visitors are going to see when they pull up on your driveway, so be sure to make it look presentable. Here’s how!

Get a New Door

If you’ve got a cheap, plasticky front door, then nobody is going to be impressed. Be sure to pick up a gorgeous steel or wooden front door to really ‘wow’ your guests and neighbours. These styles look very regal and are rather gorgeous, especially if you max-out on the size. Here’re some incredible examples of XL joinery. It’s pretty simple DIY work, really. Here’s how to hang your new door. A new exterior will have a lasting impact on everybody who comes through it.  So, invest now!

House Number

Once you’ve settled on a beautiful new door, you need the perfect numbering to adorn it. If you have a glass panel above your window, which is particularly common in older houses, then why not frost your house number onto it. Maybe add your street name below. That would look very classy and modern. Alternatively, choose a nice gold or silver plated number for the door itself and place it just below the knocker for a simple but elegant look. Either way, your home’s entrance will impress.

Paint Your Brickwork

Maybe you have a horrible colour of brickwork. Or, perhaps just fancy making your house look a bit different to everybody else’s down the street, if so then paint it! Do consult your neighbours when doing this, some might find your efforts unseemly. However, if you opt for the right colour, you’ll be just fine. Painting your house’s exterior can have a profound effect on the look and feel of the place before you’ve even set foot in it.

Front Garden

If your home possesses a front garden, then make full use of it. Don’t let overgrown shrubbery be the first thing you guests see. Do it up! If you’re not the most green-fingered, then it may be worth considering hiring a landscape gardener to advise you on how to best manage the space. Planting a tree and watching it grow over the years is a brilliant way to add some greenery to your exterior. Particularly if you’re based in an urban surrounding.


Concrete doesn’t look great, so we recommend ditching it and covering your drive in a layer of thick gravel. Not only does gravel look ten times better, but it also has security benefits. Burglars will be deterred from coming near to your home as their footsteps will be easily heard on a gravel pathway. You don’t even have to rip up your existing surface, just lay down the gravel, now! That’s a simple job that can have a massive effect on your home’s exterior appearance.

Ultimately, any of these improvements will surely tart up a tired looking front drive. To reiterate, first impressions really do count. So, make sure you home is looking the best it can be from the outside. Your guests will be impressed! Good luck DIYers.

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