How to Quickly Increase the Value of Your Home


How to Quickly Increase the Value of Your Home


Surprisingly small and inexpensive changes to your home may even increase its value by tens of thousands.

Now, if you are having problems selling your home, this may well be due to poor first impressions.  Since the first impression is so important, simple mistakes can put off the majority of buyers.

Your home may be perfectly sound, and have a ton of potential.  But lots of dark colours on the walls (for example) may give it an oppressive feel.  And that could be enough to scare buyers away.

So you’ll want to make changes that truly accentuate what’s great about your place.  This helps to give a fantastic first impression that lingers in the potential buyer’s mind.  And this importantly can help you sell your home quickly, and for a fantastic price.

So here’s some ideas to help you achieve just that:

Start With The Kitchen

Many people consider the kitchen the heart of a home.  Okay, it may not be where you spend the most time, but it’s perhaps where you spend the most quality time.  It’s the core of the house that keeps everyone fed!

Well, if your cabinets are looking a bit dingy.  Your sink might have seen better days.  Your surfaces a little banged up over the years.  Well, with a little elbow grease and some quite inexpensive new purchases, your kitchen can look good as new!

So look at your kitchen as a visitor would look at it, and see what you can inexpensively improve.  You don’t need to install a granite counter top!  Even small changes can make dramatic improvements.

Next, the Bathroom

The bathroom is hugely important too.  Especially if you’re selling a family home.  A luxurious bath, clean and bright surfaces, and shining taps, all help to give that incredible first impression.

And don’t forget the bathroom floor!  By using vinyl tiles for example, you can replace your existing floor quickly.  This avoids the need to pull up the existing one.  Dead easy.

The Floors Throughout the Home

The floors throughout your home are so important.  If they’re damaged or look cheap, people are going to notice.  So consider either a nice wooden floor.  Or plush carpets and flooring throughout can make a very positive impact.

Lots of Light

The more natural light you let into your home, the better.  However, increasing the size of the windows may be out of the question for a quick sale.  So you need to think about your lights around the home.

So avoid harsh overhead bulbs that give your home a jarring feel.  Instead, at the very least, make sure you have soft lampshades.

A New Room (Almost) Instantly

If you have an existing room that doesn’t really feel like a bedroom, installing a wardrobe may be all it takes to convert it.  So either install a portable wardrobe, or even better a walk in wardrobe.  And that could be all that’s required to give you an extra bedroom

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