How to make your own perfume


How to make your own perfume


Crafting your own perfume at home allows you to develop a fragrance that is completely unique and “specifically you.” This simple process begins with identifying what scents inspire you, and which scents turn you off. Home-fashioned perfume is a thoughtful and creative gift. You’ll know that no one will be wearing the same perfume as you, unless you’ve given someone a vial as a gift!

Step One

Identify a fragrance family that you want to use in your signature scent. Choose essential oils from the same family, such as citrus or wood -- or any scents that blend well together, instead of competing.

Step Two

Pick a high-note scent, a medium-note scent and a low-note scent. The high-note scent will have the largest concentration of essential oil; the medium-note will have the second-highest; and the low-note scent will have the least oil concentration.

Step Three

Choose a carrier oil to blend the essential oils with. This can range from grain alcohol (such as vodka), or an oil (such as jojoba).

Step Four

Mix three drops of your high-note essential oil with two drops of your medium-note essential oil and one drop of the low-note essential oil in a vial.

Step Five

Add one ounce of the carrier oil to the essential oil combination. Cover with an air-tight cap.

Step Six

Keep the bottled perfume blend for two weeks out of direct sunlight so that the fragrances have time to combine.

Step Seven

The perfume is now ready to go!


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