How to make your own organic air fresheners


How to make your own organic air fresheners


Using your own natural air freshener keeps your house smelling fresh without the use of potentially harmful chemicals. Good for your health and the environment, natural air fresheners are inexpensive to make and can be prepared in bulk. Making natural air fresheners is an easy and useful craft project for clubs and youth groups. Most of the ingredients used in the natural air freshener can be found at grocery, drug, craft or health food stores.

Step One

Purchase or obtain a large spray bottle that can be adjusted to produce a fine mist. Avoid reusing spray bottles that once contained chemicals because the residue can contaminate your air freshener solution.

Step Two

Measure 1 cup of slightly warm water and dump it into a medium-size mixing bowl. Use slightly warm water to allow a more thorough combination of the ingredients.

Step Three

Add ½ cup of witch hazel or vodka to the water. These ingredients make the air freshener last longer, but you can substitute distilled water if you prefer.

Step Four

Mix 15 drops of eucalyptus essential oil and 15 drops of cedar or lavender essential oil together and add to the bowl, mixing all ingredients together.

Step Five

Include an additional 15 drops of an essential oil of your choice. Lemon, mint or grapefruit essential oils produce pleasing aromas when added to the air freshener mixture.

Step Six

Place a funnel over the mouth of the spray bottle and pour the mixture into the bottle. Replace the spray cap and affix a label identifying the spray to avoid confusion about the contents.

Step Seven

Shake the bottle thoroughly and spray periodically throughout your home to maintain a fresh scent.


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