How to make Peeps Vodka


How to make Peeps Vodka


Peeps are a delicious Easter treat, but you can also enjoy them in your favorite mixed drink — by making Peeps-infused vodka! Here’s how to make a sugary, marshmallow-flavored infusion

Step One

Cold Refrigerator Infusion - Buy a 10-count package of Peeps. For one bottle of vodka, you'll need around 10 peeps. If you only want to make a half-bottle, buy a 5-count package instead. Make sure all of your Peeps are the same color — that way, your vodka will be one bright, beautiful color instead of a muddier mix!

Step Two

Pour the vodka into a large jar. You don't need particularly expensive vodka for this to work — a mid-range brand is fine. A jar with a lid is best. If you don't have one, though, you can simply cover the top with aluminium foil or plastic wrap. If you don't have a large jar, use a big mixing bowl instead. Keep the bottle — you'll be using it again later!

Step Three

Place the Peeps in the vodka. Make sure that they're fully submerged in the liquid. Allow the vodka to steep in the fridge for three to four days. You should see the sugar coating start to dissolve fairly quickly; the marshmallow center will take longer, though.

Step Four

Strain the vodka. Put a funnel into the original vodka bottle, and line it with a coffee filter or paper towel. Pour the Peeps-vodka mix into the funnel slowly, so that the vodka will separate from the leftover marshmallow bits. You might need more than one filter to do this. Serve and enjoy!

Step Five

Hot Dishwasher Infusion - Buy a 5-count package of Peeps. For this method, you'll be making a half-bottle of Peeps vodka. This is because you'll be placing the Peeps directly into the vodka bottle, and their marshmallow goodness takes up a lot of room. Make sure all of your Peeps are the same color — that way, your vodka will be one bright, beautiful color instead of a muddier mix!

Step Six

Pour half of the vodka into another container. You could do half plain, half Peeps-infused. Or, use the other half for the refrigerator method (above).

Step Seven

Tear the Peeps into smaller pieces. They don't have to be miniature, just small enough for you to get them into the vodka bottle. For less mess, freeze the Peeps, then cut them into pieces with a slicing knife.Put the Peeps into the vodka bottle. You might need to use the end of a wooden spoon to push everything into the bottle. Make sure the Peeps are covered. If you have any room leftover once they're all in, pour back some of the vodka you set aside in Step 2.

Step Eight

Reseal the bottle. Put the cap back on, making sure to twist it as tightly as possible. Put the bottle in the dishwasher, and run a cycle. The hot water will melt the sugary Peeps and speed up the infusion process. Shake the bottle. When you take the vodka out of the dishwasher, shake it to make sure it's evenly mixed.

Step Nine

Strain the vodka (optional). You don't have to do this step — you could simply pour your drinks out of the vodka, and count any marshmallow globs as a garnish. If you would like to strain it, though, here's how: Pour the vodka into a bowl. If there are some Peeps bits left behind, don't worry! Rinse out the bottle. Put a funnel in the bottle. Use a coffee filter or a paper towel for a filter. Pour the vodka from the bowl into the funnel. Be aware that this process might require more than one filter.

Step Ten

Serve and enjoy!


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