How to make English Scones


How to make English Scones


Here’s my family recipe for the perfect rustic english scone which go excellently with sweet or savory things like clotted cream and jam or parmesan and spinach…yum… This recipe makes 6 ish

Step One

225g self raising flour (8oz) 55g Butter (2oz) 30g Caster sugar (1oz) 150ml Milk (1/4 pint) 1 egg (maybe...depends on later steps..) 1/2 teaspoon saltFirst off, preheat the oven to 220 deg C 425 deg f. Speed is of the essence so you can't be hanging around waiting for the oven to heat up or you'll get flat, hard scones.Then, sift all the flour and salt into a large bowl.

Step Two

Cut up the butter into smallish chunks (2-3cm cubes) and rub into the flour with your fingertips until its loose and breadcrumby. Don't do this in a blender or food processor as the texture will become to fine and the scones will go flat and hard again.

Step Three

Stir in the sugar if you want sweet scones or not if you don't.Make a big well in the centre of the flour and pour in the milk.Mix together quickly with a table knife, NOT your hands, until you have a big gooey lumpOnce the milk hits the flour a reaction begins which needs to also be happening in the oven, so speed and a light touch are required.

Step Four

Grab the dough out of the bowl and slap it on a floured surface. Kneed it into a square(ish) about 2.5cm (an inch) thick and the stamp out circles with a cookie cutter. If you twist the cookie cutter while cutting you'll end up with wonky scones like mine, but I think that makes them look more rustic and cool. Lay the circles out on a baking tray lined with grease proof paper, giving each one 2cm of room to grow...

Step Five

To finish the scones before the oven we now have 3 options....1)Brush with a beaten egg to produce a glossy glaze. 2)Dust with flour for a soft finish 3)Brush with milk for a light gloss AND soft crustas soon as they're glazed, slam them in the oven near the top for 20 to 25 minutes. Don't get curious and open the oven door, you'll just spoil them, let them do their thang.....

Step Six

After they're done (tops are brown), let them cool a bit on a wire rack covered with a teatowel. This lets the centres go from doughy to crumbly, although it is kinda hard waiting.For the sweet ones, serve with clotted/whipped cream and jam. yum.Other ideas....For savory, add parmesan and a strong cheese instead of half the butter. For current scones, add 30g (1oz) currents to the flour.Enjoy!


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