How to fix the home button on an iPhone


How to fix the home button on an iPhone


The “Home” button on an iPhone is the only physical button you can actually press on the front of the device. Typically the “Home” button will return you to the main menu, but this is dependent entirely on the settings you have specified for it. If your “Home” button isn’t functioning properly or to your liking, you can quickly correct this using the device’s “Settings” application. You don’t have to connect your iPhone to iTunes to accomplish the task.

Step One

Turn on your iPhone.

Step Two

Tap "Settings."

Step Three

Tap "General."

Step Four

Tap "Home."

Step Five

Tap on the function you'd like your "Home" button to perform.

Step Six

You can have it return you to the first page of your menu, bring up your "Search" function, or start the device's "iPod" capabilities.

Step Seven

Once you've made your selection, tap the "Home" button to confirm it. You will now have fixed your iPhone "Home" button.


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