How to create custom interiors for flight cases?


How to create custom interiors for flight cases?


Flight cases ensure safe and easy transportation of large, heavy or valuable items. Here at Hofbauer, we pride ourselves on being a specialist case company. Our custom interiors can be catered to suit your needs, whatever they may be. We can personalise any of our eye-catching cases in order to meet your requirements. We can offer any of the following techniques to our customers.

  • CNC routed/CNC Knife-Cut
  • Water-Jet Cut
  • Die Cut foam inserts
  • Document storage
  • Divider boards
  • Panels,
  • Webbing
  • Velcro straps
  • Valuable protection (against rough handling)
  • Enhancement of product presentation/corporate image
  • A range of different sizes/colours to suit all tastes/requirements
  • Rugged handles and wheels to make things even easier
  • Personalisation options such as engraving/lettering

We have years of experience when it comes to offering professional solutions in order to meet requirements. Whether it’s plastic, aluminium or plywood, our flight cases are tough and are designed to protect your valuables from any form of damage. Whatever you’re carrying, whether it’s across the country or around the world, a Hofbauer custom flight cases is the perfect method of transportation. The various different models available through our website include the following:

  • Flitebag Astro – Lightweight with a solid colour Finish, the Flitebag Astro is a perfect choice when you need a tough flight case that weighs very little. These cases have sturdy handles, lockable security and telescopic trolley fittings. The durable panels included will save you weight yet still give you strength.
  • Flitebag Pro – This range is useful when it comes to Sales, Telecommunications, Military, Exhibition and Audio-Visual capacities. The custom-built case interior can be adapted to suit the contents inside, providing complete protection and security. The Flitebag Pro is made from the finest materials, including birch plywood and thermoplastic high grade laminates. It is hand-built & designed to meet your specific requirements. This custom case not only protects your equipment. With the various options of colours and tagging, it will protect your brand image too.
  • Polybox – lightweight and durable, the Polybox is handmade using hardwearing polypropylene. It is strong, yet weighs very little. The Polybox is available in red, blue, black, yellow, white, green or grey. It is designed & made to individual requirement and offers a vast range of fittings. The Polybox is an ideal choice if you require a lightweight, hardwearing flight case. Designed for your convenience, the Polybox flight comes with sturdy handles, lockable security, telescopic trolley fittings and personalisation – including engraved nameplates. Polybox flight cases are great for exhibition equipment, medical devices and service packs.

At Hofbauer, our number one priority is and always will be our customers. We strive to ensure you are satisfied with your product(s). That is why we aim to make sure that our products are useful and versatile. Our customised flight cases can be used as other storage items – not just for travel/plane. Visit our website for more information.



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