How to convert Excel to PowerPoint


How to convert Excel to PowerPoint


If you want to take data from an Excel spreadsheet and put it into a PowerPoint presentation, you can do so with built-in controls.

Step One

Copying and Pasting Excel Data into PowerPoint - Open an Excel file you want to use, and then click on the box in the top left to select all of the data in that file. You can also select only the data you want.

Step Two

Click "Edit" and select "Copy" to copy the data.

Step Three

Open Microsoft PowerPoint, then click "File" in the top left. Click "New," or open an existing presentation.

Step Four

Click on the slide in the new presentation that you want to use.

Step Five

Right click and select "Paste" to paste the Excel data there. Click on the clipboard icon in the bottom right to change presentation options.

Step Six

Select a mode for presentation from the drop-down, such as "Keep Text Only." Save your work if your satisfied.

Step Seven

Inserting an Excel Object into PowerPoint -Open your PowerPoint file. Click "Insert" in the menu bar and then "Object".

Step Eight

Select "Create from file".

Step Nine

Browse in the window until you find your desired Excel file. Select it and hit Insert.

Step Ten

Resize and rearrange the spreadsheet snapshot as desired. You can grab the edges to make it bigger or smaller, or click and drag to move it. When you double-click on the actual spreadsheet, it'll open the file in Excel.


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