How to download Microsoft Office 2010


How to download Microsoft Office 2010


Microsoft Office 2010 is a collection of software programs that are designed to accommodate many of the needs that a person at home or in the office might have. Office 2010 includes programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Either way, you can download Office 2010 from the internet in just a few minutes, either legally or questionably.

Step One

Downloading from Microsoft - Visit the Office 2010 download page. Microsoft Office can be legally downloaded from Microsoft’s website as long as you have a valid 25-character Product Key. To find it easily, search for “Using your Office 2010 Product Key”. Office 2010 is no longer available for purchase or as a trial from Microsoft. You can still buy boxed copies from other retailers. Even though it is no longer available to purchase, you can still download it with a valid Product Key

Step Two

Click the Download button. Enter your Product Key when prompted. Select your language, and enter the CAPTCHA. Your download will begin when you click the Submit button.

Step Three

Wait for your download to finish. The time the download will take will vary based on the Office package you own as well as your internet connection. It will most likely around an hour.

Step Four

Install Office. Once you are finished downloading the Setup file, you can begin installing Office. You will have to enter your Product Key again during the installation process, so keep it handy.

Step Five

Downloading from Other Sources - Find a copy of Office to download from your preferred download site. Office is available on a variety of torrent sites, though this method may have questionable legality.

Step Six

Scan the file for viruses. Always check downloaded software for viruses, as non-traditional methods are ripe for abuse by hackers. Read the comments on the torrent site to see if anyone else encountered problems.

Step Seven

Find a product key. In order to install Office 2010, you will need to enter a valid product key. Some downloads will come with a text file containing keys that you can use, while others will have a key generation program that will create a unique key for you to use. Be very wary with key generators, as they can easily install viruses without you knowing.

Step Eight

Install the program like normal. Once you have found a valid key, the rest of the installation will proceed normally. If you have a cracked version installed, you may not be able to access updates for Office from Microsoft.


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