Typical Jobs a Professional Handyman Can Help With


Typical Jobs a Professional Handyman Can Help With


We used to be a nation of DIYers, but, as the Daily Mail reports, this seems to be a dying art. Most of us now would rather call a tradesman in.

Doubtless some of this is down to having less time and being less inclined to get our hands dirty with the nitty gritty. On the other hand, it could be partly the growing realisation that DIY has its limits. Whether for reasons of safety or of quality, many jobs around the home need to be done by a professional.

Handyman to the Rescue

A small minority of those taking up DIY approach it very seriously, training themselves up to almost professional standards, and it’s likely those people will continue to make their own repairs and improvements. On the other hand, greater knowledge also means they understand when a professionally qualified person is essential. In a survey of Londoners reported by the Independent, one telling figure is that “just over ten per cent of those questioned admitted that they have at some point had to pay someone to fix their own DIY disasters.”

Whether you need to fix your DIY disasters or (preferably) prevent them happening in the first place, you can find a handyman in north London, Handy Squad, that’s perfect for your needs.

Why a Handyman?

You could, of course, keep a dozen numbers on your phone for specialists: plumber, carpenter, tiler, electrician etc. Or you could keep the number of one handyman who can cover all those jobs.

A good, versatile handyman will be able to do all the various jobs you don’t have time for or feel are beyond you, ranging from carpentry jobs like adjusting doors and repairing sash windows to painting and decorating, or tiling and sealing your bathroom. If you need to have hard-to-get-to lightbulbs changed or pictures hung efficiently — not to mention those impossible flat-packs assembled — a handyman is the right person to do it.

Then there are the jobs that no DIYer should attempt, however competent they feel. If you choose well, a handyman will be qualified to see to your plumbing or electrics, and you’ll be confident your home won’t be flooded or burnt.

Choosing a Handyman

Handy Squad covers most of London and can do any of these jobs as well as a specialist. If you live in another part of the country, you’ll need to find the right handyman, and Which? gives invaluable advice on what you should look for.

If you get it right, though, you’ll only have to do it once.


Blog Posted: 7th March 2016


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