Top Tips for Keeping your Car in Great Condition


Top Tips for Keeping your Car in Great Condition


Every car owner benefits from their vehicle being in great condition. Keeping a car as close to new as possible means better performance, the car looks more appealing, and higher sell on values. So what are the top tips for keeping a car in great condition? Here’s what you need to know.

Get it serviced on time

Getting to know the service intervals outlined by your car’s manufacturer and sticking to them is the number one thing most garage professionals will tell you is the best way of keeping your car in great condition. There are lots of moving parts in a car and they will need replacing from time to time to keep them in good working order. Servicing stops issues evolving into big problems, and, although regular servicing may mean some extra expense, it will ultimately mean savings in the long run. Take a look at The Telegraph’s advice article about preparing your car for servicing for some valuable advice that could save you money once the bill comes in.

Keep your car clean

If you take time over caring for and cleaning your car, you are more likely to look after it in all aspects. Once there are a few dents and scuffs, it is easy to go down a slippery slope of not caring for your vehicle at all — get any cosmetic damage fixed immediately and go a step further to regularly wash your car. Remember to use purpose-made products, like sponges and shampoos that are designed specifically for cars — that all-purpose cleaning product you found under the sink could scratch or fade paintwork. You can find more essential do’s and don’ts in this article from Complex magazine, including advice on detailing your interior, as well as some tips to properly clean out your foot wells.

Check fluids regularly yourself

The fluids running through your car are its lifeblood, as they keep your car running smoothly and protect against wear, so making sure they are checked and changed regularly is essential. Keeping those fluids clean and topped up will do wonders for preserving your car’s insides. If you do this yourself, you will get to know your car better and be able to tell when something is not right — helping to catch potential problems a little earlier.

Look after your tyres

Making sure your car’s tyres are in good condition means better road handling and longer stopping distances. This can be the difference between avoiding an accident or not, which could instantly undo all the hard work that’s been put into keeping a car in great condition. Check the tread depth and air pressure of your tyres correctly every few weeks, and always give them a quick look over before driving. Autosessive’s Travel and Touring range has a both tyre pressure and tyre tread depth gauges, which are essential bits of kit for keeping on top of your home tyre maintenance.

Keep it in a garage

This solution might not be available to all, but if you do have a garage, we recommend you use it to store your car. Keeping a car undercover protects it against the elements when it’s not in use. As well as rain, wind, and snow, there are also the sun’s UV rays, which can fade paintwork. Your car is likely to be worth thousands, so if your garage is full of things other than a car, you may want to ask yourself what is worth more to you. Don’t have a garage? If your car spends long periods not in use invest in an all-weather protective cover.

Follow these tips and you will have next to no problem keeping your car in top-notch condition. Make sure that you follow them closely, and you will the proud owner of a better performing, better looking, and more valuable automobile.

Blog Posted: 22nd March 2016


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