Eight Ways To Move Home WIth No Stress


Eight Ways To Move Home WIth No Stress


“Where’s the kettle?”

“Who broke the table?”

“Why does the solicitor want another three hundred quid?!”

Moving house is up there in life’s most stressful events and without proper organisation, it can become the stuff of nightmares.

To make sure it doesn’t become an overwhelming event, plan properly. Use reputable companies, and start planning well in advance.  

Hire reputable solicitors

Your conveyancing solicitors will be handling all the legal aspects of the transaction. Always get quotes from companies regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.  Or, the Council of Licensed Conveyancers.   By sourcing through these official bodies, you can be sure the firm you choose has the proper knowledge. This will ease you through a stress-free moving experience.

Don’t blow the budget

There are many expenses to consider when planning a stress-free move; some obvious and some not so. Calculate your expenditure with a moving cost calculator. And as with anything financial nowadays? There are dozens of websites to help you compare surveying, conveyancing and removal costs. Find the best cost for your budget but remember the mantra ‘cheapest isn’t always better.’


Invest in self-storage

If you’re downsizing, you’ll have one big question: ‘where on earth do we put all our stuff?’ Self-storage is the smart way to keep your belongings safe. Use a company such as Pink Self Storage:  the moment you sign up, you get a text with a code. This allows you to open the doors of your safe, dry container, which you can rent from £20 per month.

Take your time

Complicated tasks inevitably take longer than planned. What happens if the sofa gets stuck in the hall, or you come down with a cold on moving day? Give yourself an ample safety cushion for each chore, and don’t try to cram a lot of tasks into a small time slot.

Buy a document box

Moving house generates a flurry of paperwork. So invest in a decent box to hold insurance documents, receipts and other essentials like passports. Here’s a great cheat: photograph important documents with your phone camera then email to yourself.

Pack a survival kit

Imagine going through the stress of moving day…with no caffeine?! Pack a survival kit containing kettle, coffee, food, phone chargers and toiletries. Stay well-hydrated and eat plenty on what could be the busiest day of your life.

Hire a professional moving firm

Forget a shifty-looking man and his beaten-up white van, even if he says he can move you for fifty quid. You’ll find a reputable company at the BAR…and that doesn’t mean the pub. Use the British Association of Removers to find a professional, reliable and safe firm. After all, you’re entrusting them with your worldly possessions.

house removal company

Keep calm and carry on

Tempers can fray during such a stressful event, so be mindful of what you say, and how you say it. The last thing you want is a blazing row with the removal man. Get plenty of food, water, and rest, and remember, the more meticulously you plan, the less stressful the move will be. And don’t forget to treat yourself: how about popping a bottle of champers in the fridge the moment you arrive at your new place. When evening comes, it will be at perfect serving temperature. Time to toast the first night in your new property. Cheers!

Blog Posted: 4th April 2016


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