How to Keep Your Bathroom Dry and Mould Free


How to Keep Your Bathroom Dry and Mould Free


Bathrooms are the perfect environment where mould and mildew can thrive, especially if you do not take the appropriate steps to keep the space as clean and dry as possible. After taking a shower, when your bathroom is particularly damp from the steam that was produced, there is an increased risk of mould growing, so this is the best time to thwart mould before it even takes root, especially since mould can be dangerous to your health.

So how can you keep your bathroom dry and mould free? Keep reading for a few simple tips you can start implementing right away.

Dry the Walls of Your Shower Every Time They Get Wet

Every time you take a shower, take a few minutes after you are done to dry off the walls. Getting rid of the moisture right away will eliminate the dampness that can lead to mould growth. You can use a towel to make sure you get everything as dry as possible, or you can use a squeegee. The key is to be consistent. So even though it may be tempting to skip drying the shower when you are done, taking just a couple of minutes to do so will prevent mould problems later on.

Install a Bathroom Fan

Installing or upgrading your bathroom fan is yet another way to remove moisture from the environment and help everything dry out as quickly as possible when you are done with your shower or bath. Run the fan both during your shower and for about 30 minutes after your shower so that you can flush out all of the moisture.

Keep Humidity Levels Low

Another way to prevent mould growth in your bathroom before it occurs is to keep humidity levels under 50 per cent. Companies like Warm Rooms provide heated towel racks and modern radiators that can help dry the air out with heat, particularly in the colder months of the year, but your air conditioner can help in the summer, and you can also install a dehumidifier for use throughout the year to keep humidity levels in the proper range.

Remove Bottles from Your Tub or Shower

While it may be tempting to simply leave your bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in the shower when you are done, these can collect and hold water and allow for more mould to grow. Therefore, make it a point to remove everything from the shower, dry everything off completely, and store these bottles away properly.

Fix Leaky Fixtures

If you have any fixtures in your bathroom that are leaking, have them fixed right away. A leaky faucet in your sink or tub will inevitably create too much moisture that has nowhere to go and will allow mould to thrive.

By keeping the above tips in mind, you can enjoy a clean, dry bathroom that does not have any dangerous or unsightly mould. Regularly cleaning your bathroom with products like vinegar and hydrogen peroxide can also help keep mould at bay without having to use harsh chemicals.

Blog Posted: 15th April 2016


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