Get the Right Lighting Around your Home


Having the right lighting is essential for doing all your daily tasks, and for making your home comfortable, nice to look at and pleasant to spend time in. Check out these room-by-room ideas.

The Kitchen

Pendant lighting and the ‘industrial chic’ style looks really great over counters and kitchen tables, but it can get in the way of the ‘business side’ of the kitchen – you don’t want to be hitting your head on the lampshade while you’re preparing dinner.

In the kitchen you’ll need to see exactly what you’re doing, so sticking with bright, spot lighting angled strategically around the kitchen area is desirable. Go for halogens or warm white LEDs for cost effectiveness and maximum brightness. There are so many types of lighting to go for in your kitchen, it’s a good idea to check out expert places like Scotlight for their huge range.

The Living Room

A room can be transformed with the right lighting, and the living room is probably the place where you’ll want to have the most options. For entertaining you might not want it so bright, for a film night in, you’ll want dim light – enough to see your popcorn, but not bright enough to glare or detract from your home-cinema experience.

Most living rooms will have a main central light, but this sometimes isn’t appropriate. Where this is the case, a dimmer switch is a good idea. Or, dispense with the main light altogether in favour of ‘orbital’ lighting – meaning a combination of softly lit table lamps, uplighters or a stylish floor lamp to illuminate dark corners or alcoves, providing a background of soft light.

The Boudoir

Your bedroom is yours to decorate to your heart’s content, so treat yourself to an item of statement lighting for your bedside. Pick something you love and that will last and it will pay dividends. Your bedroom is your space, so get creative with different types of lighting. Try out string lights placed artfully around your room.

The light they provide is soft, playful, and aesthetically pleasing. When they’re switched on they can make almost any space look cosy and magical, so they’re ideal to put in the bedroom around a mirror for mood lighting or to create a little nest for you to relax in. If you’ve got a four-poster bed or a large headboard, try winding string lights around them or placing them in a transparent vase.

Without having an entire makeover, upgrading your lighting will breathe a new lease of life into your living space.

Blog Posted: 19th May 2016


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