5 Improvements to Make Home Maintenance and Upkeep More Convenient


5 Improvements to Make Home Maintenance and Upkeep More Convenient


Household chores can be an annoyance for anyone, especially if you don’t have the right tools, resources, and planning in place to streamline the tasks involved. Depending on the size of your home and the amount of cleaning typically involved, you can find yourself spending a great deal of time just keeping your place looking nice. If you’ve been looking for ways to save time and eliminate some of the hassle of home maintenance and upkeep, consider the following five tips:

1. Install Perfect Fit Blinds

Moderating the amount of sunlight coming in is an often overlooked part of home maintenance that can contribute towards lower electric bills due to a decreased dependency on artificial lighting. Likewise, ensuring the blinds are fully closed is an important part of ensuring privacy if and when that becomes a concern. Unfortunately, as you’ve probably experienced, conventional blinds can be flimsy and easy to damage and bend. Perfect fit blinds adhere perfectly to the frame and can therefore be opened and closed quickly and easily with minimal resistance or possibility for damage.

2. Install Automated Window Actuators

Aside from just opening the blinds, rolling the windows up and down can be a time-consuming and tedious task, especially if you’re using manual crank-action window actuators. To automate and simplify this process, consider installing automated window actuators which are capable of being opened via remote control. This will allow you to open all your windows at once and you’ll even be able to set the actuators to open in the event of specific conditions being detected by built-in sensors (i.e. – high temperature or the presence of smoke).

3. Replace Carpet with Hard Floors

It is a well-known fact that carpets stain easier and are more difficult to clean than hard floors. Whether you go with vinyl, linoleum, or hardwood, literally any hard floor is going to be easier to take care of than the debris and dust trapping fibres of a carpet. If you absolutely insist on having carpet in certain areas of the home for comfort, be sure to use a type that is easy to clean and difficult to stain.

4. Install a Garbage Disposal and/or Kitchen Compost Bin

Dealing with kitchen sink plumbing issues is an unnecessary hassle that can be avoided by simply installing a garbage disposal and/or kitchen compost bin. Such bins are designed to trap offensive odours and simplify the sanitary collection of compostable materials that can then be transferred to your compost pile in the backyard or garden.

5. Design Your Lawn for Low Maintenance

The hassle of mowing the lawn and removing pesky weeds can be reduced or eliminated by designing a low maintenance lawn. A few ways to achieve this would be to install turf, remove all rocks and debris, or level the lawn so that the lawnmower can pass over it easily.

Stick to a Home Maintenance Schedule

Finally, the best way to make home maintenance and upkeep less burdensome is to stick to a daily and/or weekly schedule. This will ensure that things don’t get out of hand in between cleanings and will make the job feel more like just another part of your everyday duties.

Blog Posted: 14th June 2016


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