Cooking on Gas When You’re Living Off the Grid


Cooking on Gas When You’re Living Off the Grid


If you’re living off the grid, you might believe that cooking with gas isn’t an option for you. However, it’s possible to enjoy all the advantages of gas cooking in your home -regardless of how rural an area you live in.

Here’s some more information about Calor’s LPG cookers and how to incorporate them into your home.

Conventional Off Grid Cooking

Traditionally, people living off the grid have relied on electric cookers or Aga’s to prepare meals. Whilst electric cookers perform relatively well, they lack certain features found in LPG cookers; which can be disappointing for enthusiastic chefs.

If you haven’t got an LPG tank installed, this isn’t necessarily a problem. It’s easy to cook with gas instead of electricity; simply by using a Calor cylinder to fuel your cooking.

The Benefits of LPG Cookers

  • More control. When watching chefs at work on TV, you’ll notice that they all favour gas cooking. This is because you’re supplied with instant, controllable heat – which is a major advantage. It’s easier to be more precise with your cooking, and produce better culinary results to impress your friends and family with.
  • More efficient. LPG is supplied at a higher pressure than standard gas, which means you’ll use less when you’re cooking. The advantage? You’ll spend less!
  • Reduced emissions. If you care about the environment, an LPG cooker is an obvious choice, as carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by a significant margin.

Which LPG Gas Cooker for Your Home?

Calor supply a wide range of LPG cookers; from sizeable range cookers to compact options for smaller kitchen spaces. Looking for something specific? Here’s a helpful guide.

  • Traditional kitchens. If you’re looking for a range cooker that captures the traditional look of an Aga, the Rangemaster Classic 110 is ideal. It features five burners, plus a variable grill for even better cooking control.
  • Smaller spaces. The Calor CAL-50 features an integrated oven and grill, which means it’s ideally suited for compact kitchens. In fact, it can fit into a space measuring just 50cm by 50cm! It also features 4 hobs and push-button battery ignition.
  • Professional results. If you take your cooking seriously, the modern Rangemaster Professional 110, with six burners and wok cradle, is custom-designed for those wanting to rustle up some cordon-bleu dishes.
  • All-round performer. The Hotpoint HUG61 features a double oven with a 60 litre main capacity – making it suitable for big or small meals. Its timeless design means it works well in any kitchen area.

Before selecting your LPG gas cooker, it’s important to identify LPG suppliers in the UK, to ensure you can easily fuel your oven. Calor are one of the best known LPG suppliers in the UK, and also have a wide range of cookers for you to choose from – which you can view online here.

Blog Posted: 24th June 2016


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