Don’t Make These Mistakes When Your Toilet Gets Blocked!


Don’t Make These Mistakes When Your Toilet Gets Blocked!


It can be a nightmare when your toilet doesn’t flush. It can start leaking, and it’s best to get it resolved as quickly as possible. However, a lot of people make mistakes when trying to unblock their toilet. Here are some mistakes people make so you can avoid them when attempting to resolve the problem.

Don’t keep flushing the toilet as it will overflow

One mistake people make when it comes to unblocking the toilet is they keep flushing it to try and get the blockage to go. However, you will end up with the toilet overflowing, and it can cause more harm than good. As this article reveals, you need to make sure you take the lid off and close the toilet flapper. It will stop water entering the bowl which could end up on your floor. Make sure you prep the bathroom before you try and fix it. Put newspaper down and open a window to get rid of any bad smells.

Don’t be impatient when trying to fix it

Another mistake people make when trying to fix their blocked toilet is being impatient when trying to fix it. It’s going to take you at least ten times when plunging before you make any process. You need to keep going and try and not get impatient. Make sure you check to see if anything has got blocked down there before you start plunging. You might need to find a different way to get out a blocked item than plunging.

Don’t forget to call a plumber if other drains gets blocked

You also don’t want to make the mistake of not calling a professional if other drains get blocked. If you notice the sink or the downstairs WC also won’t flush, it could be a sign there’s a more serious issue going on in your main drainpipes. Therefore, you should go and check to see if any others are having issues before carrying on plunging. If you are having issues with the other drains, it’s time to call a plumber. They will be able to come out in emergencies and investigate why there is a toilet blockage. They will also advise what you should be doing to ensure the issue does not happen again.


Don’t forget to use the plunger correctly

Another mistake people make when their toilet gets blocked is not using the plunger correctly to fix the problem. You firstly need to ensure it’s a good quality plunger if you want it to work efficiently. You need to ensure there is water in there while you are plunging. Otherwise, you will be just pumping air.

Don’t rush to buy a chemical that won’t work

You should also make sure you take a good look at the different chemicals available before choosing one to unblock the toilet. Don’t just go for the cheapest! And as this feature explains, make sure it’s something which you can use on ceramic toilets. Once you get it home, you need to follow the instructions carefully so it works well.

We talked previously about using less water which can stop blockages and also save you some money on your water bill!

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Blog Posted: 21 July 2016


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