2 for 1 Cinema Tickets


If you use the comparison website Compare The Market, you can get 2for1 cinema tickets every Tuesday or Wednesday for 12 months from the date you use the site to get a credit card, loan or insurance, or switch your energy, broadband, TV or landline provider.

The offer expires 12 months after the date of your purchase or switch, not 12 months from when you activate it. Please note: activation can take at least 48 hours, so please be patient and don’t leave it to the last minute as you will be disappointed.

You can get Meerkat Movies by spending as little as approximately £2 on a single-trip travel insurance policy for one person travelling within the UK. Now of course it makes sense to spend it on something you truly need but at the same time the benefit of 2 for 1 cinema tickets means that a £2 insurance policy is needed :).

The offer allows for one voucher per week, which you can either print off or show on your smartphone. To get the code, you can either download the Meerkat Movies app (iPhone and Android only) or log in at the website.

The offer is valid at most cinemas across the UK (including the big chains and many independents). If you have not been to a particular cinema before, then always a good idea to check it is accepted beforehand.

If you fancy an IMAX screening, premium seats or a 3D film, you’ll be asked to pay the price difference between this and a standard cinema ticket.

Blog Posted: 17th October 2016


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