How to Make The Most of a Small Bathroom


How to Make The Most of a Small Bathroom


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When bathrooms tend to be small (especially in British houses) but are still very well used rooms in the home, it can be difficult to get it looking just right. You need something that feels spa-like and luxurious to relax in, but it needs to be practical for the whole family. Whether you’re completely renovating or just looking to update the existing space, here are a few things to bear in mind.

Think About Furniture

In the bathroom you don’t have a whole lot of floor space to work with, but there’s a lot of products that need to be stored. So the right furniture and storage is a key component to get right. Go for tall, slim pieces which will offer maximum storage for the least wall space. Utilise hooks on the back of the door to hang up towels, or put up a shelf and store products in baskets. A clean and clutter-free space will make your bathroom look so much nicer.

Go With a Shower/ Bath Combination

Your first thought when dealing with a small bathroom is probably to rip out the tub and install a standing shower cubicle instead to free up more space. But by doing that you lose all of the luxury of a bath. While showers are quick and convenient, long soaks offer muscle relaxation- plus if you have children it’s also essential to be able to bathe them. One idea is to look into shower baths. That way you have the function of both the bath and the shower, but without taking up extra room.

Use Light Colours

We all know that light colours make rooms look more spacious, and dark colours close them in. But in a small room like a bathroom, it’s crucial to bear this in mind. Using white or a very light neutral will bounce the light around and make it feel bigger and much more airy. Keep any dark or rich colours for elsewhere in the house if you want to use them. You can bring in some colour with accessories like towels, bath mats and decorative pieces. But keep everywhere else in the bathroom bright and neutral.

Add a Large Mirror

To bounce the light around the room even more, use a large mirror. Don’t be afraid of going bold with this even in a small room like the bathroom. Make it a statement piece, switch out your tiny bathroom mirror and put up a big grand looking one instead. Not only will it look stylish but it’s practical too. Having a stunning large mirror mounted above the sink will make getting ready in the mornings much easier.

Switch Out Your Shower Curtain

Shower curtains are notorious for getting mouldy and dirty, and can look scruffy in the bathroom after a while. Replacing it with a clear shower screen instead will make the room look bigger and more expensive. They’re not too difficult to fit, and are a quick way to instantly transform the look of the space.

Blog Posted: 7th November 2016.


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