The benefits of using LED lighting in the kitchen


The benefits of using LED lighting in the kitchen


The best LED lighting for your kitchen

Kitchens are such multi-functional places that it’s important to get the lighting just right. After all, you don’t want to be chopping vegetables in the dark or having a romantic dinner under full beams! You should plan your lighting effectively to conserve energy and ensure light gets to where it’s needed the most.

The benefits of using LED lighting in the kitchen

LED lighting is a great choice for your kitchen, as it is easy to install and versatile, and can be used overhead or in strips, as well as in lamps or under counters.

One of today’s most energy-efficient technologies, LED bulbs can offer you some great savings on your electricity bill. Quality LED light bulbs last longer, are more durable, and offer comparable or better light quality than other types of lighting.

In addition to this, LED light bulbs are instantly bright when they are switched on, which means you can get straight on with the cooking without having to wait!

LED bulbs don’t cast large shadows either, so this makes them ideal for places where you need to read a recipe or chop some carrots

Read on to find out how to use LED lighting to get the most out of your kitchen and enjoy these benefits.


Types of LED kitchen lighting:

Under-cabinet lighting

This style of lighting is a great choice for the kitchen as it can transform a dingy workspace, providing a practical and stylish solution. It also be used to create an ambient mood using different coloured bulbs.

You can also use under-cabinet lighting to make it easier to complete everyday tasks in the kitchen. By placing under-cabinet lighting over sinks or over the counter, it provides you with full visibility to safely prepare food and wash dishes, without any shadows causing you problems.

LED under cabinet lights are also ideal for tight spaces, as they are much smaller than traditional bulbs and they can direct all the light where you want it. They tend to be the preferred choice for placement above high-end granite or marble surfaces. And don’t worry – you won’t be sweating while you chop because LED bulbs emit very little heat.

 LED strip lights

There is no limit to what you can do with strip lighting in your kitchen. Strip lights can be carefully positioned to add elegance to your kitchen and are a great way to present display cabinets.

These lights can be mounted behind the fascia board at the front of the cabinet, so they’re hidden

from view and not shining in anyone’s eyes, but the light is directed down on to the counter.

With a combination of these and under-counter LED lights you could create a warm and welcoming environment.

LED spotlights

LED spotlights are ideal for romantic dinner settings as they are dimmable, but remember you will need to install an LED dimmer switch, as you cannot use LEDs with traditional dimmer switches.

These lights are great for focusing beams where they are needed most, and can be installed where you like them. Each spotlight can be adjusted to illuminate a certain area, such as a breakfast bar.

You can increase the sense of space in your kitchen by using spotlights angled towards the cupboards and wall, as light is reflected into the room. This is far more effective at creating the illusion of space than shining the light straight down at the floor.

Top tips for great-looking LED lighting in kitchens

  1. Try using lighting on multiple levels, combining different lighting styles for task lighting and adding a pendant-style light as a focal point.
  1. Use a dimmer to accentuate for different occasions and times of the day.
  1. Lighting located over walkways, prep areas and cooker hoods will mean no dark corners.
  1. The colour of lights can be overlooked but have a dramatic impact on the kitchen. Cool white lights are bright with a blueish tint and work well in white kitchens, making small spaces appear bigger.
  2. Light backsplashes to avoid huge shadows on the work surfaces from ceiling lights when cooking.

We hope you have been inspired by our kitchen lighting ideas and that you might use some of these tips to create an appropriate lighting plan for your kitchen.


Blog Posted: 16th November 2016.


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