Add A Little Bit Of Flair Back Into Your Kitchen


Add A Little Bit Of Flair Back Into Your Kitchen


For most people, a kitchen remodel is something that occurs once a decade, or so. But, beautiful design can soon look outdated in no time, if you’re unlucky. Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell what’s going to be popular down the line. And, most people can’t afford to redo their kitchen often enough to make up for this.

Fortunately, a lot of the most noticeable parts of a kitchen are easy to replace. This eliminates the need for an entire refit but brightens up the room enough to add some much-needed character. This post will take you through some of the easy to change parts of your kitchen!


Pots, Pans And Other Small Items

The pots and pans in our kitchens are usually on display, and so are our plates, cutlery, and any other kitchen essentials. Not surprisingly, these are often the parts of the kitchen that start to look dated first. By upgrading a few of your normal kitchen items, you’ll be shocked at the difference it makes. Most of these items can be obtained at a low cost. Making it worth every penny!

The Taps

When picking a kitchen, a lot of people don’t care much for choosing taps. They seem arbitrary and boring, but in reality, they’re a huge focal point of the kitchen. Taps are easy to change, so there’s really no excuse. Popular styles of tap change all the time. But kitchen mixer taps are usually a safe bet if you want something discreet.

Your Fridge/Freezer

Your fridge and freezer are both massive. They’re usually monolithic white blocks which take up a huge portion of the room. With something so big, it should at least look good. These large appliances are usually quite costly, but you can sell your old one to justify the new. And you won’t regret it when you see that shiny new beast in your kitchen.

Other Appliances

Other appliances, like kettles and toasters, also take up a large portion of the room. Over the last few years, chrome and stainless steel have been very popular for appliances. These metals look great when they’re new, but they usually start to look dated and old pretty fast. Cleaning or replacing these appliances can add a splash of life back into your kitchen. Modern styles have started incorporating materials that don’t look bad over time!

A Lick Of Paint!

To make any room look better, you can give it a touch of paint. And, of course, the kitchen is no exception. It’s best to go for a color that’s a bit different from the last one unless other areas of the kitchen also use the old color. Look for colors that compliment the ones you already have. If you went for neutral colors for the rest of the kitchen, something a little more vibrant could give your kitchen much need spice. But, if your cabinets are bright, you’ll want a tamer color for the walls.

This should give you some ideas to avoid that entire kitchen redo. Have a look around on social media and kitchen websites to give you some inspiration!

Blog Posted: 18th November 2016.


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